Final Results

I could see from the acceleration of visits that many did a few extra checks on my site to check the counter. There were only three contest entries, though, all as close as can be! The 100k mark was passed on Saturday, in the early morning hours here in Europe, and many may have been late birds. Carsten from Denmark wasn't stopped, though!

PlaceVisitNameCountryTime (CET
Daylight Saving)
3rd Carsten JørgensenDenmark7-Apr 04:38
1st Callum Agnew Australia7-Apr 04:40
2nd Aaron AscherUSA7-Apr 04:45

Congratulations to the winners and especially to Callum who was spot on!
He wins the small prize, and Aaron and Carsten get consolation prizes.

Thank you all for participating, and thanks to ALL who contributed to the 100,000 visits over the years!!


PS: You may notice that the colours of the above number images aren't exactly the same. I in fact embedded a time stamp in the least significant bits of the colours. Every minute a new unique GIF was ordered from the counter server.