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News from CIAM:

FAI has now ratified the following class F (Aeromodelling) records:


Claim Number  5705 : 

Sub-class :     F-2C (Control Line Circular Flight - Team Racing
Type of record: N° 57 (Speed in Circular Flight over 100 laps)
Performance :   3mn 14,1s
Aeromodellers : Sergei ANDREEV and Sergei SOBKO (Russia)
Event :         1998 World Championships
Place :         Kiev (Ukraine)
Date :          26 August 1998

Previous record :  3mn 15s (H. STRANIAK & J. FISCHER, Austria - 24
October 1994)


Claim Number  5706 : 

Sub-class :     F-2C (Control Line Circular Flight - Team Racing
Type of record: N° 58 (Speed in Circular Flight over 200 laps)
Performance :   6mn 37.5s
Aeromodellers : Sergei ANDREEV and Sergei SOBKO (Russia)
Event :         1998 World Championships
Place :         Kiev (Ukraine)
Date :          27 August 1998

Previous record :  6mn 42s (V. BARKOV & V. SURAEV, USSR - 11 August


FAI congratulates the aeromodellers on their splendid achievements.


Jean Paul PERRET reports:

        4-7/06/1999  MOSCOW

        F2C Results
                                                    S/F    S/F    F
1  ANDREEV - SOBKO         RUS 3:45.1 3:22.0 3:16.4 3:19.4 3:14.5 6:35.
2  SHABASHOV - MASKALEV    RUS 3:16.2 0      3:21.  3:18.4        6:45.
3  MARET - PERRET          FRA 3:25.  4:00.  3:17.8 3:20.  3:19.6 7:11.
4  AVERIN - MARTCHENKO     RUS 3:31.  3:43.  3:27.  3:25.2 3:21.8         
5  KRATZ - ISMAGILOV       RUS 3:31.7 3:21.2 3:17.  3:32.2 3:21.8         
6  SOURKOV - BALEZIN       RUS 3:20.  3:46.6 3:24.  3:22.          
7  BESSMERTNI - FOULITKA   UKR 3:29.3 3:37.2 4:02.  3:26.          
8  KOUDACHOV - KOUTZNETZOV RUS 3.45.5 3:42.2 3:23.  4:04.5 3:32.
9  ANOUFRIEV - KACHTANOV   RUS 3:41.  3:48.8 3:23.9 3:37.8 0
10 ZOURALIEV - SOSNOVSKI   UKR 3:30.8 3:48.3 3:37.4
11 EFAROV - KOUDRAITSEV    RUS 0      3:33:4 3:31.4
12 KOULAKOVKIN - KOKHANUK  RUS 3:33.  0      0
13 PROKHOROV - SIDOROV     RUS 3:37.  3:41.  0
14 BARANIK - FEDOROV       RUS 0      3:49.  4:35.8
15 MARTCHENKO - MARTCHENKO RUS 3:51.  3:49.2 4:20.4
16 CHICHOV - SEMENKO       RUS 4:17.7 4:06.9 4:03.4
17 TSUGULIEV - PEREDERI    RUS 0      0      4:18.5
        F2A Results
1       KOSTIN  RUS     293,16  285,90  288,00                                  
2       ISLES   GBR     293,16  282,50  283,40                                  
3       KALININ RUS     282,50  281,40  0,00                                    
4       KIREEV  RUS     268,00  0,00    0,00                                    


From Alexander Kalmykov, Russia:
                 COMBAT CUP of S.Petersburg
                        29-30th May 1999

     No.   NAME                1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9  PLACE
     11.BELIAEV ANDREY       24V 27V 33V  7V  8V 30V  4L ---  4V     1
                            +338+258+356+432+372+110+440    +540

     04.ARIFOV VADIM         23V  1V 31V 15V 11L 27V 29V 30V 11L     2

     30.KURAKSA EVGENY       10V 26V  5V 25V 33V 11L  9V  4L         3
     09.BELIAEV SLAVA        16V  8V 25V 27L  3V 29V 30L             4
     29.BAZULIN DIMA          1V 20V 13V 28V  7V  9L  4L             5

     27.MIKE WILLCOX   USA   28L 11V 15V  9V 21V  4L                 6
     07.BOLSHAKOVA SVETA     18V 26V 28V 11L 29L                     7
     08.MICHNEV ANDREY        2V  9D 16V 12V 11L                     8
     03.TRIFONOV IGOR        31L 19V 17V 22V  9L                     9
     33.CHUKOV SERGEY        22V 14V 11L 21V 30D                    10
     21.ANTONOV SERGEY        6V 24V 10V 33L 27L                    11
     12.BELIAEV SERGEY       17V 23V 22L  8L                        12
     15.IVASHKIN ALEXANDER   19V 18V 27L  4L                        13
     22.KOLOSOV SERGEY       22L  6V 12V  3L                        14
     25.JARI VALO      FIN   20V 13V  9L 30L                        15
     28.AKBASHEV VALERY      27V 32V 7L 29L                         16
     31.VARFOLOMEEV DIMA      3V 16L 4L                             17
     17.SNITKO VITALY        12L  5V  3L                            18
     16.NEKHAY VIKTOR         9L 31V  8L                            19
     13.BELIAEV ALEXEY       32V 25L 29L                            20
     10.JAKOVLEV ALEXANDER   30L  2V 21L                            21
     05.KISELEV BORIS        14V 17L 30L                            22
     01.TERBET BORIS         29L  4L                                23
     02.KRAPIVIN ALEXANDER    8L 10L                                24
     06.NARKEVICH PAVEL      21L 22L                                25
     14.SMELKOV MICHAEL       5L 33L                                26
     18.BULCHIK YURY          7L 15L                                27
     19.TURKEVICH ALEXANDER  15L  3L                                28
     20.GUSEV ALEXANDER      25L 29L                                29
     23.BOLSHAKOV ANDREY      4L 12L                                30
     24.OBREZKOV IGOR        11L 21L                                31
     26.LAURA LEYNO    FIN   30L  7D                                32
     32.TURLO ALEXANDER      13L 28L                                33


By Claudio Cesar Chacon, Argentina:

Second International Control Line Open Championships

Rafaela, Santa Fe, ARGENTINA

During last February 12,13 and 14 took place in Rafaela city, Santa Fe province, the second edition of the already traditional International Control Line Open Championships, established officially by the FAI as the first date of the 1999 World Cup Calendar and declaring Rafaela as the first site of the Control Line World Cup in the Americas, uprecendent fact in Argentinean airmodelling. The negotiations were made by the Círculo Aeromodelista Rafaelino with the highest authorities of the FAI, in personal way with Luis Petersen, representing Denmark and member of the FAI-CIAM Control line subcommittee in opportunity of his visit to Rafaela during the first week of December 1998, and via e-mail with the president of that subcommittee and representing USA Dr. Laird Jackson and with the World Cup coordinator Mr. Bruno Delor, representative of France.



Unfortunately, this category was declared deserted due to the total absence of participants. Three specialist from Brazil had promised their presence in the event, but due the delicate economic situation that country is going through, they declined their participation, having received this Club their apologies.


Six participants, five Argentineans and one Russian, came to participate in this category. Remarkable and no less unfortunately was the absence of at least eight Argentinean pilots (Buenos Aires and Mar del Plata) that for different reasons couldn:t come to the championships.

The Russian representative, Evgeny Yakovlev, during the official training on day 12 while executing the second square loop, destroys his model in the air due to a structural failure or material fatigue in the inserts of the outer wing. He used take apart wings in halves using the mentioned device. The fuselage splits in two halves thanks to a device similar to that used in the wings. The model of 1700 grams of total weight, used a "Discovery Retro" engine in prototype state, and not available for sale yet, made by Yuri Yatsenko. The running of the engine , and specially the 4-2-4 transition was simply perfect. The crash let us look in detail it:s excellent construction, curiously, it doesn:t used any composite material, except some ultralight fiberglass in the front of the fuselage. All the hardware of the model (horns, bellcrank, etc) was hand made, of exquisite workmanship. The finish of the plane, quite simple, was perfect, showing as a curious fact the wing (C-Tube construction) covered in painted mylar.

In fifth place, was Roberto Rodríguez from Córdoba with his Bananna II and ST.51, Mauro Fernández,who showed up after a long lay off flying the Mandinga II,nicknamed by friends like "the light blue", model that:s flying since 1986 and fighting. This time with a ST.46. In third place was Sergio Vitale from Rosario, with a Cardinal and ST.51. Also with Cardinal and ST.51 in second place Claudio C. Chacon from Rafaela. And thanks to a smooth performance,took the first place Gabriel Cismondi from Rosario,with his Giulia II using a Jet-GMA.50 piped. Congratulations Gabriel, and greetings to all participants.


The Brazilians shows a really good level, and that:s what says that the 8th place conquered by the Mary- Mary team in the Ukrainian World championship wasn:t just luck, things like that doesnt exist in this category where the place is won with sacrifice in rigorous training and in the model/engine set up. This team were flying in training at 17:80, 18:20 every ten laps. Like this were Wieck/Brietzke also from Brazil, both using Ukrainian Sosnowsky props in Mazniak engines of the same nationality. The local representatives Goddio/Giay had a similar velocity and for moments some better, but the team and equipment didn:t show up the same reliability that shows the Brazilians. They used Chajka engines with Sosnowsky props but of an older model than the Brazilians Minetti/Perren, from Argentina and Senson/Rodrigues also with Chajka engines and Sosnowsky props but with less speed: 19:40 - 20:00

Saturday the 13th, model verification and arrangements for the first heat, line pull test, 5 minutes to start, which give time to some training flights where the lines of the Goddio/Giay model broke passing near two timekeeper at a speed of 200KM/H. This makes that judges and timekeepers go away and start their functions outside the perimetral protection fence. After changing the model that were completely destroyed the heat starts and is won by Mary/Mary who also makes the best time of the championships 3:24"37, against to the untested model of Goddio/Giay that only scores 4:33"20. Second heat;: Here is Wieck/Brietzke who shows its quality and put a time of 3:26"14 followed by Senson/Rodrigues with 3:51"51 and Minetti / Perren who couldn:t complete all the laps. Third Heat: Here the Brazilians Mary/Mary flies with the calm of the knowledge of their excellent times. Completed the heat Minetti/Perren and Goddio Giay these ones with a third model from Russia that is very unstable. It started with Goddio/Giay leading and slowly taking some advantage, followed by the Brazilians and with a deficient model Minetti/Perren, during the laps, the leading model looses power and isn:t catched by the pitman, and the heat ended without any change in times. Fifth heat :Between Mary/Mary, Wieck/Brietzke and Minetti / Perren, the last ones are who surprisingly marks an incredible 3:27"19. Sixth heat: Goddio / Giay still have a theoretical possibility to improve their time, the model running 18" - 18"20,but in the first pit the model showed it:s instability, slips away of the pitman hands and that was the end. In the case of Senson/Rodrigues the cronos never show less than 19"50 so they had little chance. Unfortunately the equipment didn:t give a chance to this team who in the SouthAmerican championships of 1997 marked 3:24"32. Final to 200 laps. Instant start for the 3 teams and showing the Brazilian team running away from the local team, but in a few laps the Wieck/Brietzke start to heat up to much so they have to land to fix that , so the second place is in doubt. To the middle of the race Wieck/Brietzke have recovered the second place, but the engine still have heat troubles so the local team still have chances but in the pit the model slips away, losing the last Argentinean hope. The first World Cup in America, leaves us with Mary/Mary from Brazil in the first position, Wieck/Brietzke also from Brazil in second, third Minetti/Perren from Argentina, fourth Senson/Rodrigues from Brazil and fifth Goddio/Giay from Argentina.


I:ll say the strongest event of the championships. For the spectacular characteristic of the category (specially for the great public who came to the club) and because it is the first time FAI combat is flown in Argentina at the best world level. The Russian delegation was integrated by seven people, counting pilots, mechanics and team representatives. The pilots were Sergei Kolossov (ex world champion) [?], Evgeny Yakovlev (who also participate in aerobatics) and Volodymir Mescherekov of 16 years, only junior of the contest. The mechanics were Yuri Moiseev and Sergei Borodavko. As team representative, Anton Kalinín who works also as translator. And in field duties, Elena Moiseeva, Yuri:s wife. All of them came from Naforominsk city, of 350.000 inhabitants, located 150 Km. away from Moscow, whose city hall took care of all the costs of travelling and staying.

The Argentinean delegation were integrated by Gabriel Cismondi and Sergio Vitale, both from Rosario as pilot and mechanic respectively, who got a monumental debut, considering that their opponents weren:t precisely rookies. As a matter of fact, Gabriel had to fight against Sergei Kolossov in one of the rounds. Also, Argentina were represented by two Ukrainians, residents in Rafaela, Volodymir Grechko and Valeri Bashtanar, both of them experienced pilots and champions in their country. All models look the same. They are simple flying wings with eight 3mm balsa ribs, trailing edges in pine, leading edges preformed in foam and covering in mylar. They are very solid and resists direct impacts against the ground. Most of the wrecks are due to direct hits between models in flight. The props are made in fiberglass and resin with reinforcements in kevlar and carbon. Engines are from different brands, but all of them of Russian made of the highest quality in workmanship and parts. They are constructed in very limited series and only the best are used in competence. With a displacement of 2.5 cm3, with an average of 29.000 r.p.m, burning fuel made of 10% nitro, 20% castor oil and 70% methanol. To relate each of the combats (totaling 18) would be impossible. Just say that all of them make an incredible show with a feverish rythm that kept the adrenaline high in pilots and mechanics at a 20 degree in Richter scale, without forgetting the 35° C that warmed up all the event. In one word: OUTSTANDING.

Awards Ceremony

The ceremony award was held in the convention saloon of the Rafaela Apart Hotel (of recent construction), where the Russian delegation stayed. The ceremony had the presence of graphic, radio, and TV journalists. We had the presence also of the Director of institutional relations of the City Hall. who declared honor guest to every Brazilian and Russian participants. Flags and distinctives were gifted to foreign delegations. The banquet was held in the hotel:s restaurant where with everybody more relaxed, enjoyed the best Argentinean wines and meats. An unforgettable meeting without any doubts.

Goes with this lines a special greetings to all who in some way collaborated to the organization of this event.


To great surprise to everyone present, we had the unexpected visit of a personality within the aeronautical world: no less than Engineer. Juan Asmus, one of the fathers with Walter Extra of the world famous acrobatic plane Extra 300. Mr. Asmus is in charge of the structure and composite materials of the plane, about what he was asked without mercy. All the answer were in perfect spanish. Mr. Asmus is close friend of Claus Maikis and Uwe Degner, two great German F2B pilots. See you next time.

Claudio Cesar Chacon.


Paul Cameron reports on F2C from the Aussie Nats:

The Australian Nationals are still in progress as I write this to you. F2C was contested on January 1 and 2. You would imagine that the conditions were hot and dry with several thousand flies as close spectators. Packing for such conditions included sun-block (SPF30+),insect repellant, hat, shorts, light T-shirts and the usual summer requirements. WRONG! Rain was been the dominant weather together with low cloud bases and temperature in the low 20C region. The nat:s was centred in Toowoomba about 140Km west of Brisbane. With an elevation of about 700M AMSL the cloud was at ground level the last few mornings. The hard surface was at Oakey Army Aviation centre about 30Km west north-west of Toowoomba. The elevation at Oakey is lower at 400M AMSL and as such we had slightly better weather than Toowoomba. Light rain was falling during most of the heats and got heavier in time for the semis. Unanimous agreement and common sense allowed the semis and final to be flown on 2 January. Light rain was falling that day as well but didn:t effect the racing too much.

F2C  52nd. Australian Nationals   1&2 January 1999

                               Best Semi          Final
1. P.Cameron/R.Fitzgerald      3:32.6             7:00.8    Mazniak
2. R.Justic/R.Owen             3:32.2             168 laps  Chaika
3. G.Wilson/P.Stein            3:35.1             158 laps  Cyclon
4. G.Potter/D.Bailey           3:36.3                       Mazniak
5. M.Ellins/K.Baddock          3:47.8                       Chaika
6. J.Stivey/R.Morrow           4:17.1                       Vorobiev
                               Best Heat
7. V.Kromin/D.Prior            3:59.9                       Vorobiev
8. G.Pretty/P.VanMeurs         4:20.9                       Vorobiev
9. G.Potter/R.Harvey           4:30.6                       Cyclon
10.K.Hunting/J.Hunting         5:19.7
11.J.Scott/R.Scott             5:28.9
12.Sutherland/T.Burfien        DNF

Regards, Paul Cameron


Results from Spreepokal 1998, held in Sebnitz, Germany, from Bengt-Olof Samuelsson

Loet Wakkerman:s page got a Report about Combat Being Disturbed by a War. (Isn:t that impossible?? Well, not at a new event in Senftenberg, Germany) He also has Engines for Sale to Collectors

Australian Nationals 1998 from Keith Baddock.

Grand Prix of Luxemburg from Jean-Paul Perret


The September Newsletter of the "North Circle Burners", of South Africa.


Regarding the silencer outlet rule interpretation that was mentioned in

the Kiev Bulletin 3, and has led to discussions:

For an example of a current design that may be implicated, have a look
at the Cyclon muffler at:


BULLETIN TEXT-----------------------------------------------------------

3. Jury F2D recommends paying attention to RULE 4.4.5 specifying the
silencer, particularly the circular outlet total area. The outlet is
considered to be the rearmost part of the exhaust system! This is where
the dimension is taken. Pilots are reminded to fit the appropriate
exhaust system.

MY VIEWS----------------------------------------------------------------

There needs to be a further clarification here, since if taken literally,
the above rule interpretation requires that the radius or taper of the
outlet hole rear end must be infinitely small, which is impossible.

Some allowance for a distance between the rearmost point and the 8 mm
restriction is necessary, otherwise a great majority of the current
mufflers will become outruled.

I have notifed Bengt-Olof Samuelsson of the CIAM C/L Subcommittee about
this, and he has started activities to resolve the matter. Within a week
there should be a further clarification, which I shall give you by

I suggest any activities to change the mufflers are stopped until then!

Send your comments to me or anyone in the C/L subcommittee.
Their names and e-mail addresses can be found at:





Shareen Fancher reports from the US Nats, Aerobatics: (Relayed through Mike Keville.)

Just in case you haven:t heard yet---here are the final results from
today:s flyoff.

        Walker          1114.75
        Werwage         1110.75
        Fitzgerald      1108
        Fancher         1108
        Urtnowski       1091.25

It was a close race for the top four and went to the last score before we
had a winner.  David Fitz had an unfortunate engine run on his last
flight otherwise it would have been a closer race between Walker and
Fitz. It was a good thing his engine quit during his level laps!

That:s it for now.



Check Andy Whorton:s page for updates on several major F2C events!


Guido Michiels reports: Hello Göran,
reading through Peter German:s comment on the 2000 W/C in France, I should correct the date. Jean Paul Perret confirmed that the date remains 12 - 19 JULY and not August.


Peter Germann reports:


Radfeld,  14. June, 1998

Organizer: MBG RADFELD


1. Igor Burger   Istro Politana SLK
2. Jiri Vejmola   Lutin   CZE
3. Peter Germann  MG Breitenbach SUI
4. Alexander Schrek  Dubravka  SLK
5. Jan Stano   Dobravka  SLK
6. Bajer Zdeno   Istro Politana SLK
7. Franz Wenczel  MBC Günselsdorf AUT
8. Erhard Weinmann  SFNBC Eferding AUT
9. Walter Weinseisen  MBG Radfeld AUT
10. Raldomil Dobrovolny Brünn   CZE
11. Peter Kapuscinsky  Pardubice  CZE
12. Hugo Borer   MG Breitenbach SUI
13. Jan Skrabalek  Istro Politana SLK
14. Michael Binner  MFC Schw. berg GER
15. Klaus Steinbauer  FMBC Vienna AUT
16. Franz Ecker   ASKÖ-FFK-Phönix AUT


1. David Weinseisen  MGB Radfeld AUT
2. Felix Strässler  MG Breitenbach SUI
3. Heinz Strässler  MG Breitenbach SUI
4. Peter Klar      AUT

Judges F2B

Georg Biber
Franz Oberhuber
Werner Striberny


Peter Germann reports:

I:ve just heard from Jean-Paul Perret that the 2000 W/C in France will take place August 12 - 19. [ NOT! See correction above! ]

Also, Switzerland was given the year 2000 scale W/C with the swiss C/L committee handling the F4B part of the event.


Contest Report from Salzburg 1998

The competition took place from may 22-24 and was kind of cold at 10 degrees or so, but at least there was no rain over the entire three days duration. This year:s event was perfectly organized by the austrian c/l subcommitee in memory of the unforgettable Hans Niederwimmer, a great personality and the founder of the Salzburg contest, who passed away last year. It was good to see the flame being carried on and the memory of Hans was honored by 96 participants from many european countries.

F2A saw 12 entries with Peter Gruendler from Germany taking the win with 285.2 km/h. 2nd. went Sergio Tomelleri, Italy, with 283.9 and 3rd was Tomasz Rachwal, Poland with 283.0 km/h.

The F2B trophy went to Serge Delabarde from France, who was best of 44 contestants. 2nd place was won by Attila Morotz from Hungary and 3rd went to fellow countryman Andras Juhasz. Serge Delabarde, the winner, flies a Kolesnikov design fully take-apartable airplane with a dedicated russian stunt engine in it. (yours truly managed to make it to 9th, trying to master a Norm Whittle design Sultan-SL with a PA.61 piped motor ).

F2C Team-Race went to Pennisi / Rossi from Italy with a best qualification heat of 3.22 and a final time of 6.50. The winning team was followed by Gilbert / Gilbert, France (7.04) and Magli / Pirazzini, Italy, recording a final time of 7.32. 20 Teams have been in the race.

The contest is now renamed into " Hans Niederwimmer Gedaechntisfliegen" and is held bi-annually, next time over the third weekend in may 2000. International Flyers are welcome to participate, of course.

Peter Germann, Switzerland


South African C/L Champs Report by John Forbes


Report from Giancarlo Martini, Italy:

Results of Second Coupe Internationale du Sud-ouest, Ste Eulalie, Bordeaux, France

1st PENNISI-ROSSI FIN. 6.36,1 Best heat time :3 . 09 ,9 (world record, I think)
2nd GILBERT-GILBERT FIN. 7.37,1 heat time 3.24,2
3rd MARTINI-MENOZZI FIN.....29 LAPS(-*+:^"!?°ç) heat time 3.28,5
ORGANISATION:OK (NOT SWISS TIME but good wine at banquet!!)

George Car announces from Wagga Wagga, Australia:

Our club, the Ladysmith MAC of New South Wales, Australia is hosting a Phantom Speed postal comp this year. Details are:

model - KK phantom, built to plan, must have 2"wheels, 1.75"spinner, commercial prop and canopy
motor- any plain bearing 1.5cc diesel, 10% bonus for pre 1955 motors, 20% bonus for the Mills 1.3 (for which the model was designed)
Flights- any number of attempts on any one day during Aug to Oct, 1998. Time from a standing start for 12 laps (Half mile).
Lines- 35 ft, 12 thou lines
Details and entry form from my web site.
Please would you disseminate this info via circulator some time? The details should appear on my site during the next week!
Paul Cameron, Australia, reports:

Victorian State Championships

F2C                         Best Heat      Final
1. G.Wilson/P.Stein         3:12.6         7:15.6     Cyclon
2. P.Cameron/R.Fitzgerald   3:30.8         8:34.6     Mazniak
3. A.Nugent/M.Ellins        3:31.7         DNF 38     Chaijka
4. G.Potter/D.Bailey        3:34.9                    Mazniak
5. R.Justic/R.Owen          3:43.5                    Chaijka
6. C.Ray/K.Baddock          4:08.4                    Nazin
7. R.Milwain/R.Harvey       5:01.9                    Nazin
8. K.Hunting/J.Hunting      5:27.2                    CS
F2A			    Best Time
1. R.Hiern                  283.5           Irvine
2. R.Milwain                279.6           Profi
3. B.Houser                 279.1           Zalp-K
4. G.Burgess                268.7           Irvine
5. R.Justic                 266.3           Irvine
6. N.Wake                   262.9           Irvine
7. J.Walker                 240.9           Profi Jnr

The Nationals were a week later held in Waikerie SA. Due to work commitments I was unable to attend, as such Rob flew with Dennis Prior;

Australian Nationals (no times as yet, placing only)

F2C                                   F2A
1. G.Wilson/P.Stein                   1. R.Hiern
2. R.Fitzgerald/D.Prior               2. B.Howser
3. R.Justic/R.Owen                    3. R.Milwain


C/L Newsletter from New Zealand by Glen Lewis


The Brazilian Championships 1997

From Alexandre Basilio Torres


The first report of a F2A contest run with the longer 17.69 m lines is here:

From Paul Gibeault, CANADA Paul_Gibeault@bc.sympatico.ca
Here is a contest result for your information:
        N.W. Regionals, Roseburg, Oregon, U.S.A.  May 23-25,1997

                F2A Speed       Flown on 17.69 m lines

1st   Chris Sackett     175+mph (281 km/h)       Zalp

2nd   Naemura/Gibeault  173+mph (278 km/h)       Zalp

3rd   Jim Rhoades       166+mph (267 km/h)       Profi

Other than causing known props to be slower than expected, there were no 
adverse effects to flying on the new longer lines. Physically, all pilots
noted that the models are much easier to keep up with & fly as good or
even better than previous. Performance appears to be down at least 5 mph
(8 km/h) from previous, also.


13. Int. Jura Cup, Breitenbach, Switzerland, Results (in German)


Limfjords Competition 1997,Ålborg, Denmark, Results

From Alexander Kalmykov, RUS

                Open Championships of Russia F-2-D
                               WORLD CUP


                       22 and 23 February 1997

22 February temperature -10...-15 C, wind 3...6 m/s, no snow
23 February temperature -5...-7 C, wind 3...6 m/s, no snow
                                                                      R engine
1. Necheukhin Nikolay      RUS Ekaterinburg W W W W L - W W W - W     8 NN
2. Gusev Alexander     jun RUS Moscow       W W W W W W W - L W L     8 Cyclon
3. Bazulin Dmitry          RUS N.Tagil      W W W W W W L W - L       7 Cyclon
4. Tupikin Alexander       RUS Chelabinsk   W W W W W L W L           6 -
5. Arifov Vadim            RUS Novosibirsk  W W W W W L W L           6 Buran
6. Kuraksa Evgeny          RUS N.Tagil      W W W L W W L             5 Cyclon
7. Krimushenko Alexander   RUS S.Peterburg  L W W W W W L             5 -
8. Faizov Boris            RUS Ekaterinburg W L W W W W L             5 Demon
9. Vdovenko Andrey         RUS N.Tagil      W L W W W L               4 Cyclon
10.Antonov Evgeny          RUS Moscow       W W W L W L               4 Cyclon
11.Talantcev Stas          RUS Ekaterinburg W W W W L L               4 Cyclon
12.Jakimov Michail     jun RUS Berezniky    W W W L L                 3 Kozel
13.Tausenev Vladimir       RUS Chelabinsk   W W W L L                 3 Demon
14.Ereklincev Pavel        RUS Chelabinsk   W L W W L                 3 -
15.Vanslov Vadim           RUS Chelabinsk   W W L W L                 3 -
16.Vedernikov Dmitry       RUS Ekaterinburg L W W W L                 3 Kozel
17.Kolmakov Vladimir       RUS Tumen        L W W W L                 3 Kozel
18.Smirnov Anatoly     jun RUS Manturovo    L W W L                   2 Kozel
19.Belyaev Andrey          RUS S.Peterburg  W L W L                   2 -
20.Kolosov Sergey          RUS Moscow       L W W L                   2 Cyclon
21.Turkevich Alexander jun RUS Moscow       W L W L                   2 Cyclon
22.Latyshev Arkady         RUS Chelabinsk   W L W - L                 2 -
23.Kurylev Andrey          RUS N.Novgorod   W W L L                   2 Buran
24.Korsukov Jury           RUS Omsk         W W L L                   2 Kozel
25.Narkevich Pavel         RUS Moscow       L W W L                   2 Kozel
26.Gusev Vladimir          RUS Moscow       L W W L                   2 Gusev
27.Leshukov Vladimir       RUS Ekaterinburg W W L L                   2 Kozel
28.Baroha Dmitry           RUS N.Tagil      W L L                     1 Kozel
29.Prohorov Alexey     jun RUS Chelabinsk   W L L                     1 Demon
30.Suslov Vladimir     jun RUS Chelabinsk   L W L                     1 Kozel
31.Chorny Stas             UKR Kiev         L W L                     1 Profi
32.Milenin Igor            UKR Kiev         W L L                     1 Profi
33.Bigeev Jury             RUS Moscow       W L L                     1 Kozel
34.Kopnov Alexey       jun RUS Samara       W L L                     1 -
35.Lebedev Dmitry          RUS Omsk         L W L                     1 -
36.Polegakin Vacheslav     RUS Novosibirsk  L W L                     1 Buran
37.Trifonov Igor           RUS Moscow       L W L                     1 Kozel
38.Makarov Evgeny          RUS Moscow       L W L                     1 Cyclon
39.Rublev Michail          RUS Moscow       W L L                     1 Kozel
40.Efremov Ivan            RUS Nefteugansk  W L L                     1 Buran
41.Posouznyh Alexander     RUS Tumen        W L L                     1 Buran
42.Klochenko Denis         RUS Zarechny     L W L                     1 Kozel
43.Mohov Evgeny            RUS Zarechny     W L L                     1 Kozel
44.Zaharov Sergey          RUS Igevsk       L W L                     1 -
45.Bekker Alexey       jun RUS Manturovo    L L                       0 -
46.Zykov Ignat             RUS Perm         L L                       0 NN
47.Ivanov Dmitry           RUS Chelabinsk   L L                       0 NN
48.Shandursky Konstantin   UKR Kiev         L L                       0 Profi
49.Obrezkov Igor           KGS Kyrgizstan   L L                       0 Profi
50.Nesterov Vladimir       RUS Samara       L L                       0 -
51.Loskutov Sergey         RUS Samara       L L                       0 -
52.Dumalsky Vitaly     jun RUS New Urengoy  L L                       0 Buran
53.Komarov Andrey          RUS Tumen        L L                       0 Komarov
54.Davidov Anry            RUS Novosibirsk  L L                       0 Buran
55.Degtjarev Alexander     RUS Novosibirsk  L L                       0 Buran
56.Shibalova Svetlana      RUS Moscow       L L                       0 -
57.Kozel Igor              RUS Nefteugansk  L L                       0 Kozel
58.Surov Dmitry        jun RUS Igevsk       L L                       0 -
59.Shishkin Vjacheslav     RUS Tumen        L L                       0 Buran
60.Ponomarenko Dmitry  jun RUS Ekaterinburg L L                       0 -

In the final Gusev lost because he got out to prepare his model without
informing Necheukhin about it, but Gusev had made 2 cuts more and same
flight time !

From Keith Baddock, AUS


At a contest last week, Graeme Wilson and Paul Stein did the 
following times in F2C:

H1:   3:17
H2:   3:19 (With a 5 flick second stop, about 4 secs lost)
Final 6:41

I was very impressed to say the least. This would have to be the 
fastest Cyclon around I think.

Do you know what the current world records are for Heat and Final 

[G.O: 3:14.8 and 4:42 although Titov/Yugov did 6:39 at the :95 E/Ch.
(Record claims can be made only for results at Continental and World

From Maris Dislers, AUS

Results of Canberra Control Line Champs. held over 4th-8th January

F2A Speed
Robin Hiern                         Best time 13.06   275.7 km/h
Graham Burgess                       "     "  13.12   274.4 
Rob Milwain                           "    "  13.15   273.8
Nine entries

F2B Aerobatics (Expert)
Brian Eather                         Score   2009.5
B Gardiner                                   1923.5
Reg Towell                                   1914.75
12 entries

F2B Aerobatics (Advanced)
Dennis Percival                      Score   1547.75
S Bakac                                      1476.5
P Hogarth                                    1467
12 entries

F2C Team Race
Cameron/Fitzgerald     Heat 3:28.54     Final 7:17.6
Prior/Kromin                3:24.51           7:29.57
Potter/Bailey               3:38.13           DNF
8 Entries

F2D Combat
J Scott                              Place 1
M Comiskey                                 2
G Potter                                   3
B Aldhamland                               4

Also held:- Novice Aerobatics, Vintage Stunt, Combined Speed, Vintage T/R,
ClassB T/R, HalfA T/R,Bendix, Goodyear, Mini Goodyear, 2.5cc Rat Racing.

As you can see, there are many events in Australia to divert attention
away from FAI classes. This is mainly because most competitors never
compete internationally, so it is easier to be "king" of one of the local
events instead. Also each State likes to place emphasis on their
preferred events. This makes running a Nationals quite challenging!


From Bill Bell, NZL

 Asia Pacific Control Line Champs

 Unfortunately I had to pull out, but did succeed in putting in a slow
13.37 sec flight in Asia Pacific champs,that was held with the Trans Tasman
competition in Whangarei last weekend.

 A lot of F2A, F2B and F2C and F2D flyers from around the world missed a
very good meet.

Only a full team from Australia, plus one stunt pilot from Singapore and a
combat judge Pavel Klima, from the Czech republic attended. 

Very good flying conditions (hot) 

Next Asia pacific meet, we expect to be held in Singapore in 1999. I hope
more people will attend this time...should be a ripper.

1st	Brian Howser	278.21 km/h	kostin		NZL
2nd	Rob Milwaine	277.99 km/h	hellmen special	AUS
3rd 	Bill Bell	269.26 km/h	cyclon		NZL