European Control Line Championships 1997

Panoramic view of the site, with F2C jury tower to the right. (Mosaic of three pictures)

My reports: (First Part, Preliminary) | Second Part, Complete Results | Third Part, F2A, F2B, F2C | Fourth Part, F2D, Closing, Peter Germann's Report, Added notes.


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Luis Parramon, ESP,

European Champion 1997

Yuri Yatcenko, UKR,

3:rd place
Check where this model went!

Andrei Yatcenko, UKR

Victor Salenek, RUS

Serguei Klychkov, RUS

Alexandre Listopad, UKR

Tight Semifinal Action

Russians Preparing

Kjell Axtilius, SWE

Regis Gilbert,

2nd place

Another Semifinal

Yet Another Semifinal

Final, 1st Attempt

Final, 2nd Attempt

A. Gusev - A. Beliaev

Sitting: Vernon Hunt, Center Judge

The Officials Crew

Limeys and Swedes