European Championships 2001

Updated 2300, January 23, 2001

World Air Games Cancelled

As the Spanish World Air Games organizers failed to comply with the CIAM fee regulations, the C/L part of the WAG is cancelled, and replaced by European Championships in Valladolid, Spain.

After long deliberations about how to fit the E/Ch in with the already scheduled World Cup contests, facing the absolute refusal from the Spanish NAC to support a July schedule, the following order of things seems to have emerged:

Cancelled Eurocup in Pepinster, Belgium (was scheduled for August 11-12, cancellation decided by the organizer)
July 6-7 17ème Grand Prix de France in Piennes/Landres (moved from August 4-5, confirmed)
July 14-15 4th City of Ciriè World Cup, Ciriè/Torino, Italy (original date, confirmed)
August 3-5 9th Country Control Line, Wierzawice, Poland
(still original date, may be changed due to the collision with the E/Ch)
August 6-12 European Championships in Valladolid, Spain (confirmed)


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