C/L Subcommittee F2B Announcement April 2001

At the March 2001 CIAM meeting in Lausanne, the F2 Subcommittee decided to revise and update the current FAI rules for Control Line Aerobatics (class F2B).

The idea is not to radically change today's Stunt event, but to clarify (by incorporating elements from the current F2B Judging Guide); to re-define contest procedures (to adjust to the needs of organisers facing growing numbers of competitors); and to update various technical paragraphs. And minimizing differences between FAI and AMA Stunt rules will be an important part of that effort too.

It is stressed that this new draft will be a DISCUSSION ONLY document at this stage, and when complete it will be circulated to the Stunt community world wide.

F2 Subcommittee member Peter Germann (SUI), has been assigned the task of co-ordinating these efforts. That first draft is in production now and will be ready soon. Through a group of qualified regional representatives, everyone interested in Stunt will be encouraged to participate. The regional reps will distribute the draft, collect and summarise everyone’s inputs, then feed them back to Peter Germann via e-mail.

The result of that joint effort will then be merged into a "Final First Draft" to be submitted to the F2 Subcommittee in November 2001 for detailed open discussion at the CIAM Plenary meeting in March 2002.

Peter D. Germann
CIAM F2 Subcommittee
26th April 2001