Federation of Aeronautical Sport of Ukraine
Association of Aeroindustry of Ukraine "Ukraviaprom"
Aero-sporting Club "Sokol"

Aeromodelling sport, Class F2D

Champions' Cup

World Cup 2000

Ukraine, Kyiv
May 26 - 28, 2000

The organizing committee invites you to take a part at the opening of the international competition in Class F2D - World Cup, which will take place in the framework of the "Kyiv Days": May, 27 - 28, 2000 at the stadium "Aviator", Vozduchoflotsky Ave., 80B (airport "Zhulyany").


26. 05. 2000Arrival, registration, accommodation.
27. 05. 2000Opening, 1-2-3-4 tours.
28. 05. 2000The next tours, final tours, closing of the contest.

Competition rules

The competition will be held according to the FAI rules.

Admission to the contest

The sportsmen, who paid the entry fee and who has FAI license.

Entry fee

$20 in Ukrainian national currency, juniors - 50%.

Entry form and information

The entry form must be sent before May 10, 2000.


Hotel of airport " Zhulyany" (300 meters from stadium "Aviator") - FREE.


In the hotel or on the stadium - FREE.

Payment for fuel

During registration in cash.


Jury will be announced at the Opening Ceremony.


The Winner will be awarded by Big Cup, second and third placed - prizes.

Your traveling route

Please, let us know to be met.


Organizer: Stanislav CHORNYY
Volynska str., 64, 03151 Kyiv-151, Ukraine.
Aero-sporting Club "Sokol"
Ph. +380 44 271 77 03,
+380 50 502 39 85 - mobil

Fax +380 44 457 09 73,
e-mail zakharov@cstcam.kiev.ua

Additional information

Aero-sporting Club "Sokol" and "Feodosian Parachute Company" inviting you for rest and Aero show in Koktebel (Crimea Peninsula, South of Ukraine. Traveling by train, two ways - $40) in June, 1 - 10, 2000. Accommodation in the hotel on the seacoast - $1/day, meal - $2-3/day.

Information: Valeriy GORININ

Tel. 380-44 /271 77 03

See you in Kyiv!

Contest Director   Stanislav CHORNYY