Mystery Pictures from the 1996 World Champs

One of the officials, Lennart Nilsson, found a roll of film on the field at Bråvalla. He put it in his car, and then forgot about it. Over a year later, when he cleaned his car, he found it and sent it for processing. He contacted me, and I sent an e-mail inquiry to all in my list, but never got anyone on the hook. Now, in June, 1998, I finally got the pictures from Lennart (we both forgot about them). I could immediately spot that they had to be by a Brazilian, sent an e-mail note to the Brazilians, and not before long Carlos Granja, who was assistant team manager, surfaced as the probable photographer.

Here is a selection from the film:

Click on the pictures below to enlarge!

Paul Walker with his model

Paulo Gomez(?) holding the same model

Canadians Geoff Higgs and Fred Tellier

I'll be darned if it isn't my white
Toyota behind Fred's Pipe Dream!!

Compostella servicing his model,
assisted by Brazilians

Roston Dugmore of South Africa

Roston got to meet his sister, who
is married to a Swede and living here!

Another South African model: Keith Renecle's

Belgian model. Of Luc Dessaucy?

Myself at my PC in the secretariat

"Smoking Gun" visible on my desk: Three
business cards of the Brazilian team!
They were handed over to me seconds before.

Various pics:

UL: Secretariat building. Now
the office of the SMFF.
UR: Enido Michelini, BRA TM, with family.
LL: People around Bill Werwage
LR: Werwage and Paulo Gomez