prepared by Guido Michiels

[These came to me as an input to the C/L subcommittee. Not known if the Subcommittee prepared them into an official proposal]



To avoid the complication of negative numbers ( losses! ) for the 1993 Sporting Code issue rule 4.4.16.f) was modified to read 

‘Individual and team standings will be based on the number of matches won. Losses will not be counted.’

Paragraph 4.4.17. International Team classification was not modified accordingly and did not incorporate above change.

1) To come in line with 4.4.16.f) delete the indicated words in the issue of the 1997 Sporting Code:

4.4.17.a) Each competitor shall be ranked according to his number of wins minus number of losses,...

2) The changes approved at the Plenary Meeting in 1999 effective 2000 as in the agenda pages 21/22 G4 e) paragraph 4.4.17 should be cancelled. They are in contradiction with 4.4.16.f)


4.4.6. b) Control System

Add after the last sentence:

A safety strap connecting the competitors wrist to the control handle must be provided by the competitor and worn at all times while his model is flying.

Safety and clarification

This addition is necessary to be able to apply 4.4.15.o) ‘cancellation of the flight by removing the safety strap while the model is flying’.

4.4.15.q) Cancellation of the Flight

Change as follows: ( the original text was in effect jan.1999 )

He interferes to cause a ground hit of, or collides with his opponent’s model that clearly both has no streamer left and flies level in anti clockwise direction without any manoeuvres to chase and attack.


The deletion of ‘both’ stops the confusion for non-english speaking competitors. ( Some thought it was a reference to the two models! )

The added specification about level flight makes it clear there is no intention of attacking and refers to the remarks of Loet / Helle Wakkerman.

4.4.5. Characteristics of Combat Model

Add ‘aperture’ and the already previous approved text:

  "Engines with glow plug ignition shall have their exhaust port(s) connected to silencer(s) (one or two), consisting of a simple chamber with one circular cross-section outlet aperture of 8 mm (1) or 5,6 (2) diameter opposing the exhaust port connection. The total volume ...


The addition of ‘aperture’ explains that it is the inside diameter that counts.

Together with the previous approved changes 4.4.6.e) effective 2000 ( see below ) should avoid any confusion.

"The silencer(s) on the glow engines shall have a round exhaust the rearmost end of which will not admit a 8,05 mm (one silencer) or 5,65 mm (two silencers) diameter plug gauge(s)".