F2C Rule Proposal November 2000 

As Bengt-Olof notices, we cant change the rules this time, except for safety.
so this will be the Danish proposals for this years meeting. 1: We find it most urgent that the rule against mechanics lying down inside the circle retrieving a model be changed before someone gets killed. Because that's what's it all about!!!!

2: The extra circle will make the pilots more conscious about their whereabouts.

Up for a debate!!

If a warning were given together with a time penalty. Teams would not take the dangerous whipping overtaking at say 90th. lap when they have only one warning, because the gain from it would be negative. As a jury you often see pilots with one or no warnings flying like maniacs during the last 15 laps, because we normally don't have time to disq them. It would make pilots fly cleaner.

The best two heats out of three counting for the semi finals, should be discussed once again to have it ready for the next rules change.

Best regards
Luis Petersen




Date : 15-11-2000

Proposal submitted by : Royal Danish Aeroclub

Sporting Code
Section 4
Part C
Class F2C
Paragraph 4.3.2
Page 59

Proposed alteration or addition:

Team Race Site.
4.3.2	Change to: "A team race site must consist of three concentric
circles, which shall be marked on the ground":
4.3.2.b	Amend: "A third circle at radius 2,5 meter" 

Reason:	Safety: To help pilots find the centre of the circle during

Paragraph 4.3.9.j
Page 64

Proposed alteration or addition :

Warnings - Eliminations
4.3.9.j	Amend: If the mechanic steps into the flight circle with both
Or lies down inside the circle.

Reason(s) :
Reason	Safety: There were two near fatal accidents at the year 2000
championships, where mechanics were close to (10-20 centimeter away)
of being hit. Pilots have no way of avoiding / seeing mechanics being
inside the circle. A prone mechanic has no chance of getting away from
a model landing at 100-150 km/h. when inside the circle. It will be the
organisers / rulemakers responsibility!