The pilot series of 33 units is sold out since the summer of 2005.

If I get enough new orders I shall start a new series of 30-35 units. Presently, though, I have too few new orders. I need at least 15 to go ahead! If you consider getting a timing system, contact me before it is too late!

Future Developments

Just as the next series of sensors, I need enough interest to pursue them. Contact me for more information! The prices for these are still not known.

Timing Unit

The system might be complemented by a Timing Unit, allowing a Windows program in place of MS-DOS. This unit connects to one or two sensors, and the handle judge switch, attaches time stamps to the input signals, and communicates through an USB interface to a PC. This relieves the PC from the timing task, so that an application program running under Windows can be employed.

Pylon Handle Engagement Sensor

A magnetic sensor in the pylon for communicating the "handle engaged" signal to the timing system. The pylon fork has to be rebuilt to include this sensor. The crossbars of all handles need to be made of a soft magnetic material straight through, i.e. steel.

To make an order:

Give me this:
  • Your name and complete shipping address. Preferrably also phone number.
  • Which items you want:
    • Sensor
    • Extension cable
    • Handle Judge Switch
    • Cross-connection Cable for a Dual system (with MS-DOS PCs)
Also indicate if you are interested in the Timing Unit or the Pylon Handle Engagement Sensor


The prices given are for the first batch, and should be a good indication of the future prices. Shipping cost is will be added.

Item Swedish
Transitrace Sensor Kit 1750260 200
Extension Cable 590 87 68
Handle Judge Switch 160 24 18
Cross Connection Cable
for a dual system
Timing Unit ? ? ?
Pylon Handle Engagement Sensor ? ? ?


Payment in advance before delivery, but no money up front to place an order.
Payment through PayPal is now possible!

Göran Olsson (Team Manager, Sweden)