July 19, 1996, 08:50 p.m.

Countdown is on, just 3 days to go.
In this issue. a contribution from Percy Attfield of the South African Team.
Here and in the future, notes of mine will be in brackets.
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by Percy Attfield, South Africa

The beginning - Monday, 15 July to Friday 19 July.

The Control Line World Championship village started to become alive on Monday 15 July with the arrival of the Japanese and South African teams, followed on Tuesday by the Brazilian and the first of the German competitors. The Swedish organisers were most helpful, and in between marking out circles and arranging practise areas they also assisted with the settling down of the teams.

It is a beautiful flying site with lots of space for competition and practising.

The Japanese and Brazilian teams are doing a lot of Stunt practising and the South African Stunt team have also been out each morning and afternoon except for Wednesday when a misunderstanding about fuel availability, due to language differences, kept them side lined for the morning. With the assistance of the organisers this was speedily resolved. They made up for this by flying until sun set. They were joined at the circle by Uwe Degner and his charming wife. The beautiful Swedish sun set at 9.30 saw the end of flying, supper time had finally arrived.

On Tuesday the first team race engines were heard and on Wednesday afternoon the first combat teams started to practise. The speed and manoeuvrability of the combat planes is truly amazing.

The first of the New Zealand team members arrived on Thursday. Unfortunately his plane box was misplaced by the airlines and he is anxiously awaiting news of his planes. [His model box arrived today safe and well.]

Thursday evening the German couple Uwe and Olivia Degner and Bryce Gibson from New Zealand visited the South African team. It was a great success which only ended at midnight.

From Monday to Thursday it has been unseasonably cold and windy with many intermittent rain showers but when the rain clears it is beautiful sunny weather. The weather forecast is optimistic that it will clear within a day or two. We are all holding thumbs that they are right.

Friday the weather cleared and many more teams and supporters started to arrive. The organisers are working hard getting everything ready. To day the flags of the participating countries were put up. Tents for shops are springing up all over and the hobby shop has opened its doors for fuel sales. It is becoming busy, today 3 stunt circles were operating for most of the day.

We look forward to the week end when most teams will arrive. Watch this space for more reports during next week.