July 21, 1996, 22:30 p.m.

Countdown is on, just 1 day to go.
In this issue, another fine contribution from Percy Attfield of the South African Team.


by Percy Attfield, South Africa

The middle - Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st July.

On Saturday many teams started to arrive, the giant opened one eye shook himself and became awake. Combat, team race and speed teams joined the stunt teams in serious practise sessions.

All the teams appear happy to be here, travel stories are heard everywhere but all seam to have arrived safely.

Sunday it was a case of:

Team Race and Speed to right of me
Combat to the left of me
As down the valley of
Stunt I strode.

All day the sky was filled with the shriek of combat, team race and speed motors while stunt motors grunted and groaned their own tune of nectar.

Most of the day, which started before 8 in the morning and ended after 9 the evening up to 9 stunt circles were operating with world class flyers on every one of them. Many pilots had in excess of 12 flights for the day.

Those who are not here will never be able to imagine the atmosphere of anticipation, the excitement of meeting friends made 4 years ago at Hradec Kralove and the general sharing of experiences which is continuously happening.

It is not only the best pilots who have gathered but in many cases also the best builders of planes. The result is an unbelievable array of superior models, with a finish which can only be dreamed of.

Let me complement the organisers for what they have achieved since Monday last week. Those whom we have spoken to are full of praise for the facilities.

Finally me end this Sunday by thanking the Lord for the excellent weather since yesterday.