July 25, 1996

(Put on the web July 27)

In this issue, the third contribution from Percy Attfield of the South African Team.


by Percy Attfield, South Africa

The run up Monday and Tuesday.

It is time to be counted, it started with registration at 10 Monday morning and the first official practise at 12 noon. First up was the Japanese team, next were the South Africans at 12:35. Half an hour per 3 man team.

The USA team went off at 16:15 followed by the Chinese at 17:00. These two sessions generated a lot of interest.

The team managers had a two hour meeting. What a kick to see South Africa on the official programme of the largest Control Line World Championships to date, represented in stunt by Keith Renecle, Roston Dugmore and Percy Attfield. Not to mention seeing the flag displayed between the flags of all the other countries.

The entries are:
- 80 Stunt entries representing 24 countries
- 60 Combat entries from 19 countries
- 47 Team race entries from 18 countries
- 46 Speed entries from 20 countries.

May be one day South Africa will be able to also enter teams in combat, team race and speed.

Official practise continued on Tuesday with Austria up at 7:30 and the final team being the UK at 17:45.

The opening ceremony got underway at 19:00, on Tuesday. Held in the Louis de Heer hall it was a variety concert with an orchestra, singers, dancers and drummers. The President of the Swedish Model Organisation and the Vice Mayor of Norrkoping gave short speeches to open the championships.

To morrow is the first official round of competition flights for stunt, team race and combat, speed have another practise day.

According to the official flight draw Keith Renecle will be the first South African to fly at about 8:15, Roston Dugmore will be up at around 17:00. Percy Attfield will be last in round 1 at about 11:00 on Thursday.

An accident, late Tuesday afternoon, in which Keith’s prop picked up the flying lines of Percy, breaking the prop and destroying the lines have place the team under a little pressure. But this great team will no doubt be able to recover by to-morrow.

Watch this space, we will continue with the report later on this week as the first round progresses.