World Champs 2002 List of Jurors and Judges

Unofficial information

Relative to the Bulletin 0, there has been profound changes in the judges. This information is obtained from discussions within the CIAM C/L Subcommittee, and is unofficial. From the F2B list, it can also be inferred that there is a reversion to a single contest circle.
FAI Jury:
Dr Andras Ree                Hungary
Laird Jackson                USA
Gerd Woebbeking              Germany

Louis van den Hout           Netherlands
Stefan Krazewski             Poland
Klaus Kosmalla               Germany
Gary McClelland              USA
Peter Lott                   South Africa
Reserves: Rostislav Rozboril Czech Rep.
          Bernadette Gilbert France

Luis Petersen                Denmark
Karlis Plocins               Latvia
Bruno Delor                  France
Reserve:  Paul Rietbergen    Netherlands

Guido Michiels               Belgium
Ingemar Larsson              Sweden
Vernon Hunt                  United Kingdom
Circle Marshall: Mack Henry  USA
Reserves: Rob Olijve         Netherlands
          Thomas Dürrfeld    Germany