Contest: Who will become visitor 100,000?

RESULTS (8th April)

I expect the counter on my C/L main page to pass the 100,000 mark soon. I observe this by holding a contest, just as when the 10,000 mark was reached, which happened in November 1997.
(By analogy, this means the next contest will be held around the 1 million mark, which will be in 24 years, unless you are very diligent visitors, or Internet's exponential growth continues. [Or C/L interest starts growing exponentially.] )


If you open my C/L home page and the visitor count is 100000 or near that number you may qualify for a small prize. The one nearest the 100000 mark gets the prize, and there are a few consolation prizes as well. You must follow the instructions below:

You must save the counter, which is a GIF image, by using the "Save Image As..." (Netscape), "Save Picture As... (MS IE) function on your browser. You point the cursor on the "100000" image and click the right mouse button.... (The default file name is g_o_h_pkthse.gif You may have to add the .gif suffix yourself on some browsers.)

Then you should send me an e-mail with:

  1. "100k contest" as the subject
  2. The saved counter image file as an attachment.
  3. Your host node name or IP number, or if you can't get this, the domain name of your ISP. (Important only if your e-mail server is not in your own domain.)
  4. The date and time for your visit, including your time zone.
  5. Your name and address. (Where to send the prize.)
You can practice this procedure in advance. Send the e-mail to yourself. (NOT to me!)

I use the server log file to verify your visit. There must be no more than five visits from your host or domain in the hour before the 100k hit.
(The counter server will not count up if you make a reload/refresh from the same host. Connecting to another host in your domain overcomes this, but I consider it cheating if you do it more than five times.)



(The actual total number of visits is much larger, but we stick to this official count.)