A couple of notes concerning control line matters at the CIAM Bureau meeting November 26-27 1998.

  1. There will be no Continental Championships organised in F2 during the year 2001. Instead of these Championships the World Air Games will run the WORLD AIR GAMES CONTROL LINE CHAMPIONSHIPS. These will run to, essentially, the same rules as for the World Championships. In this the CIAM Bureau tries to get the second World Air Games to a good start for Control Line. The control line part of the World Air Games is planned to be held at the city of Linares in Andalusia. The planned dates are as follows:



June 19

Start Accreditation

June 20-22

Accreditation and training

June 23

WAG Opening Ceremony in Sevilla

June 24-29


June 30

Competition, Local Awarding Ceremony

July 1

WAG Closing Ceremony in Jerez

  1. It was decided, at the request of among others part of the organising committee in Switzerland and some F4B competitors, that the F4B World Championships in the year 2000 will be held in France together with the F2 categories. (At the CIAM Plenary Meeting in March 1998 it was decided that Switzerland would organise F4B, F4C and Large Scale World Championships).

The French organisers have already made the F2C flight circle big enough to take the F4B models.

  1. The result of the Control Line World Cup 1998 is announced. A very detailed report by Bruno Delor, France. Bruno is the World Cup coordinator for the control line categories. [ Available as A zipped Excel file ]