What Shall We Do 2001?

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As the Spanish World Air Games organizers failed to comply with the CIAM fee regulations, the C/L part of the WAG is canceled. It is replaced by European Championships in Valladolid, Spain.

Here are some snips form the discussion on the C/L subcommittee mailing list, which I take the liberty to make public.

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Göran Olsson

Previously posted note:

Doc Jackson, Thu, 14 Dec 2000:

Dear all interested in F2

All but a final written cancellation of the F2 WAG has been delivered. The Spanish organization refused to consider either of our requests to break-up and thereby reduce the fees for the competition; or to reduce the time span required for attendance. All of this despite the fact that they had not only done this for other WAG events but had also allowed at least one of the events to move from Andalucia to northeastern Spain.

This leaves us with only two available options if we are to have a 2001 EC for F2. The French have a tentative offer to conduct the competition in the mid-portion of France near or at Poitiers where there is an F2B group as I understand. They would have to import F2A, C, and D people to run those events. Bruno Delor has reputedly advanced the opinion that they would have some trouble with the economics. In addition, at least the F2C anticipated help (Jean-Paul) may well be reluctant to work hard again for a second year in a row.

The other offer is from Valladolid. They appear prepared to take on yet another EC with much the same organization as in 1997 and 1999.

The French are not likely to have word of support from the French Federation of AeroModelers until well into January next year. The Spanish would like to have at least an indication of intent by 20 December.

I need some comments, opinions, offers for potential support or whatever else you can think of in order to move something forward.

Thanks for any input and Happy Holidays.


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Doc Jackson, Thu, 14 Dec 2000:
Further to my note of yesterday. Pierre Chaussebourg advises me that the French offer to organize the EC near Poitiers is a firm offer. They have a local organizing group and local funding on the way. They will need final approvals at end of January from the FFAM but would like any indication that they should move ahead to come as soon as possible. Thus far I have an approval from Italy (essentially for any plan) and a disappointment from the US because the absence of the WAG will mean no participation outside of the Continent of Europe.

Serge Delabarde, Fri, 15 Dec 2000
The offer is from Rouillé (35 km south-west of Poitiers) You have been there already and know the site. There are 2 separate circles: one for TR and Speed, one for F2B and one circle on grass for F2D. A radio Control area with betume can also be used. You can contact Serge DELABARDE directly at serge.delabarde@wanadoo.fr for further informations, and see pictures of the site on the club web site. The practice possibilities out of the site are in the Lycée Agricole de VENOURS, 5 km from the flying site, and also Poitiers 35 km from site. Lodging possibilities are in the Lycée Agricole de Venours (5km from Flying site, on the left of the main road, going to Poitiers, in hotels in Lusignan, also in B& B within a 10 km distance, and in local camping places (Lusignan, 7km)

Yolanda Garcia, Fri, 15 Dec 2000
We are glad to inform you that Valladolid is now in a position to announce we can take over the EC 2001. We already have the approval of CTNA (Aeromodelling Comission in FAE). We also have the offer from local and regional authorities to support the Championships with an extraordinary budget. Our staff is pleased to work again for the benefit of the aeromodelling community and they have already agreed to start working. They know it is hard work, but they have done before.

Bengt-Olof Samuelsson, Mon, 18 Dec 2000
It is said to hear that the Spanish organiser of the WAG couldn't (or wouldn't) abide by the wellknown terms set up by the CIAM over the years. At the technical meetings at the plenaries for the last two years we have fully supported the idea of a World Air Games Championships (similar in idea to the Olympics). I think it is a shame that we couldn't have such an event next year.
The next best thing is to reinstate the European Championships (the one originally destined to Sebnitz). As I understand it we have two offers, one from France and the other from the Valladolid people in Spain. So far I haven't seen any figures for entry fees, but I must assume that both organisers are aware of the CIAM limit.

Doc Jackson, Tue, 19 Dec 2000:
The latest news seems to indicate that we have come to a decision as to the potential future for an F2 EC in 2001. That is to encourage and support the Valladolid organization to proceed with their efforts. I think that Bruno Delor's suggestion for dates in early July are the best. As he has indicated, this will cause the least upset to the existing competition calendar. He and Luis Petersen have already volunteered for the F2C judges. I am sure that Dave Rudd would also be available. If the EC is in early July, I will be available for FAI Jury if asked. I am sure that Marie will be happy to see the Spanish countryside as well and could help in some position. My conversation with Guido Michiels indicates that he and the "usual suspects" in the F2D crew will probably be available. Let's make the best showing possible in these circumstances. Thanks for your offer and efforts.

Derek Heaton, Wed, 20 Dec, 2000:
Do I take it from your last e-mail (20/12/00) that the French offer for Poitiers is no longer on the table? Pierre seemed to be saying to me that it was a firm offer, and along with the info that each event would have its own dedicated circle seems to put it at least on a par with the Spanish offer. I would have no objections to opening up the contest wider than Europe to give more opportunities for increased entries. How about going back to the old name:- Criterium of Aces. The most important thing is that we make a final decision ASAP and confirm the dates so that potential entrants can get organised.

Doc Jackson, Wed, 20 Dec 2000:
It has now been suggested that we open this competition up to non-Europeans in some format. Are there more comments on that point. The point was made that this might restore some of the entry that will probably be down because of the lateness and confusion. We could try to have our own version of a Cosmic Air Games (maybe "Grand Air Games" or "GAG"????) or something.
Lemmmeknow -- doc

Doc Jackson, Fri, 22 Dec 2000:
As suggested above - the French offer was withdrawn in a message to the CIAM Bureau by Mr Chaussebourg. There is a reluctance by some of the necessary manpower to repeat the effort already expended at Landres among other things.

>Regarding the possible opening of these "European Championships" to non-Europeans

The notion is not to open the EC but to run a concordant competition. This is easy to do with F2A and B. It should be as easy as running the junior and senior competitions is now. To make things somewhat more favorable to the Europeans, one could amend the F2C semis to make certain that the full complement of Europeans was in the semis - in accordance to the number of competing European teams, then run a European final and a combined final. In combat one could do somewhat the same by separating off the Europeans after 1 or 2 losses, thus giving them a reduced risk of being eliminated by a non-European. The system has worked now for several rounds of EC and WC with few if any problems.

Antonio Rojas, Sat, 23 Dec, 2000:
After all the discussion seen in the web, we understand now that there is official confirmation that the Ec 2001 is awarded to Valladolid as there is no other offer.
We know the cost cannot be higher than CHF 900 as the CIAM sets. We cannot at present give the detailed cost, as we need to have official confirmation to start asking for money to the different regional and local authoritieso and to start bargain prices with hotels, catering, etc. Therefore, believe it or not, it is REALLY URGENT to have an official paper (Fax, e-mail) to show the different regional and local institutions involved in the event BEFORE 27 December; otherwise the budget will be closed and no money aid will be given to the EC and the cost of the Championships will be unbearable for the Organizers. It is also important to start ASAP to look for all the organization requiered: accomodation, site organization, asking judges and officials to come and help. I know you understand how hard is to make things work with so little time left.
Hope this message solves all doubts and help you to clarify the points discussed in the CIAM list.
I also want to wish you all Merry Xtmas and Happy New 2001.

Bruno Delor, Wed, 27 Dec 2000:
I confirm that France is no more in a position to maintain its offer for an eventual alternative F2 European Championships in case of cancellation of aeromodelling from World Air Games (WAG). ....

Sandy Pimenoff, President of the CIAM, has confirmed yesterday (on a request of Dc. Laird Jackson to Sandy and CIAM Bureau members) to Antonio Rojas (President of Aerosafa Club) that CIAM has accepted the Aerosafa bid to organise the 2001 FAI European Championships in Control Line. So, from now the organiser can officially start his work. As Bengt-Olof Samuelsson suggests, it will be appreciate by all of us that the organiser mail at its earliest convenience (and if possible as soon as possible in January) to all members of Control Line Subcommittee the proposed date, entry fees and list of FAI Jury and panels of judges (F2B, F2C and F2D) in order to get an approval from the Control Line Subcommittee before official acceptation by the CIAM President. After that formal step, it will be necessary to give informations to all CIAM delegates and National Aeroclubs in order to get a maximum participation to those European Championships.

Sandy Pimenoff, Wed, 27 Dec 2000:
As I have stated in my message to CIAM and the FAI Board etc, both I myself and especially Ian McIntosh have made many approaches toward the ECO 2001 organisation in order to have some modifications to the WAG terms to make them acceptable for the Aeromodellers.

All our efforts were alas to no avail, my recent final plea was rejected outright, without even an option of camping for helpers and supporters being considered.

In view of the decisions taken at the Bureau meeting this left no alternative but to cancel the two remaining Model Aircraft events planned for the WAG. It should be remembered that the ECO 2001 has previously cancelled three of the Model Aircraft events originally planned, in breach with the contract with FAI, and without giving any acceptable reason for doing so.

I am as disappointed as you are, but in this situation we can only hope that Aerosafa will be able to organise a good E.Ch., and that we will find an experienced and reliable organiser for the F4 E.Ch. 2001.

Yolanda Garcia, Tue, 9 Jan 2001:

Dear all,
We have finally come to an agreement with FAE and ECO2001 about the dates for the EC 2001 for Control Line Models. Following you will find the dates and the preliminary schedule together with the list of FAI Jury and Panels of Judges. Two of the judges proposed for Spain (***) are not at present within the list, but they were proposed to FAI last 15 October for approval; so they will be included in the list of judges 2001-2002 which will be approved next March Plenary Meeting.
All the details about the entry fees and the accommodation are being fixed at present, so I will give you details within this week.

Yolanda Garcia de Fuentes
Alternate Delegate for Spain

[G.O. 14 Jan]:
NOTE: There are attempts to change the dates to the end of July, which fits better with the contest calendar.




BULLETIN 0 - January 2001

Comisión Técnica Nacional de Aeromodelismo Española (CTNA) and Aerosafa Sports Club cordially invite your National Team to take part in the 2001 FAI European Championships for Control Line.

Preliminary Schedule:

All dates are August 2001. A more detailed schedule
will be offered in following bulletins.
Monday 06:Arrival & Registration.
Unofficial Practice.
Tuesday 07:Registration.
Processing of Models.
Official Practice.
Opening Ceremony.
Wednesday 08:F2A First Flight.
F2B First Flight.
F2C First Round.
F2D First Round.
Thursday 09:F2A Second Flight
F2B First & Second Flight.
F2C Second Round.
F2D Second Round.
Friday 10:F2A Official Practice.
F2B Second Flight.
F2C Third Round.
F2D Semi-finals.
Saturday 11:F2A Third Flight.
F2B Finals.
F2C Semi-finals & Final.
F2D Finals.
Closing Ceremony.
Sunday 12:Reserve day Tour.
Monday 13:Teams departure.

FAI Jury and Panels of Judges:

President:Dr András RéeHungary
Members:Dr. Laird JacksonUSA
Ian McIntosh Spain
Reserves:J. Loureiro da SousaPortugal
F2B Judges:
Members:Stefan KraszewskiPoland
Bernadette GilbertFrance
Louis van den HoutNetherlands
Carlos FilipePortugal
Luis Losada AlvarezSpain ***
Reserves:Fernando GravePortugal
Antonio RodríguezSpain
F2C Judges Panel
Members:Luis PetersenDenmark
Derek HeatonUK
Joao Pereira da CostaPortugal
Reserves:Ignacio IglesiasSpain
Roland SurugueFrance
F2D Judges
Members:Guido MichielsBelgium
Ingemar LarssonSweden
Vernon E. HuntUK
Reserves:Neus Misse Suñol Spain ***
Gerda OlaertsBelgium