Team Racing Engine History 

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Last update: 28th September, 2004

Engines rated in order of importance: Major | Medium | Minor | Little
(Note that this is not a performance or quality rating.)
Types of Induction:
FI = Front; RD = Rear Disc; DI = Rear Drum, air going radially Into drum and axially to crankcase; DO = Rear Drum, air going axially into drum and radially Out to crankcase; RR = Rear Reed

Team Racing A and FAI F2C 2.5 cc Diesels
In the beginning just about any ball bearing diesel could find its way into the T/R circle. Through the developments mainly by Bugl, Theobald and a number of Russians, T/R became an affair for purpose-designed specials, a process completed in the mid-'70s.
EngineCountryDesigner(s)[Manufacturer] YearComment
ED Racer EnglandK. E. Day1950-55RD
Oliver Tiger EnglandJohn A. Oliver 1952-79FI. The classical T/R engine, vastly superior to anything else during the fifties
Webra Mach I W. GermanyGünther Bodemann ?1954-56RD
DA Drabant 2.5D NorwayDavid Andersen1952FI
Barbini B40 ItalyBruno Barbini195?FI
Rivers Silver StreakEnglandA. E. Rivers1958FI. Needle roller bearings
Super Tigre G.30 ItalyJaures Garofali1956-58DI, Oliver style cylinder.
MOKI TR-4 HungaryGyula Kriszma1959FI
MOKI TR-6S HungaryGyula Kriszma 1961FI, Oliver copy
Eta 15 EnglandKen Bedford1960RD, Oliver style cylinder
MVVS TR CzechoslovakiaSladky, Drazek ?1957FI
Taifun Blizzard W. GermanyHans Hörnlein1958RR
Zeiss-Jena 2.5 E. Germany?1956-60Short stroke. RD or RR
Super Tigre G.20/15DItalyJaures Garofali1960-70 FI, Cross flow porting without piston cam.
Bugl Austria Paul Bugl1960FI
Micron Meteor Racing 2.5FranceAndré Gladieux1960-68FI
Schlosser 2.5 TRW. GermanyBenno Schlosser1961FI. Oliver Tiger style.
Taifun OrkanW. GermanyGünther Bodemann1962RD, ETA 15 copy
Webra Mach IIW. GermanyGünther Bodemann1964 FI, Oliver style cylinder, Cox style venturi, Long stroke
RITM USSRBoris Krasnorutski1968DI
MVVS TRS CzechoslovakiaJosef Sladky, Milan Drazek ?1968FI, Rear exhaust
HP 15D Austria Paul Bugl1966DO, Schneurle porting. First commerically available "modern" T/R engine
Super Tigre G.15D RVItalyJaures Garofali1967RD
MOKI TR-7 & 8 HungaryGyula Kriszma1967-74FI, Schneurle, Rear exhaust
Kosmic 15D ItalyCesare Bossaglia, Italo Magrotti1969-74RD
ARMUSA Roger Theobald (John Barr)1969-72DI
PB 15D Austria Paul Bugl1971DO
Rossi 15D ItalyRossi brothers1970FI. Started as user diesel conversions of the glow that came in 1968
Rossi 15D RVItalyRossi brothers1971-80RD
TMA USSRTimofeev, Maslov, Krasnorutski1970DI
OMBUSSR Onufrienko, Maslov, Bebesko1972DI
RAM CanadaDavid Kelly, Ken Parent, Brian Fairey1972DO
K&B 15USA Roger Theobald1972DI, "Commercialized ARM", sold as a glow, had to be diesel converted by user.
Cipolla 2.5 Master DTRItalyCipolla brothers1975-84RI, DO
LLAM Spain?197? Webra Mach II copy
Pares SpainPares brothers197?RD
Nelson 15D USAHenry Nelson1975-92DI, Developed from K&B, AAC in 1979. Major importance
FMV NetherlandsEnrico Flores, Rob & Bert Metkemeijer, Hans Visser 1977DO or DI
UFO USSR?1978DI. ARM inspired?
BBFSweden/Canada Mats Böhlin, Gösta Bengtsar, Brian Fairey, Ronny Carlsson 1978DI, Front lugs and long flange for inverted mounting.
BGDenmark Jens & Hans Geschwendtner & Jørgen Kjaergård 1979DO, DI. Developed from Bugl
CB 2.5DUSSR Vladimir Suraev 1981DI
OVMUSSR Victor Onufrienko 1982DI, '82 World Champ
BPBulgaria Bodurkov & Popov1980-87DI
CS 15D-TR Shanghai, China?1988DI
MOKI TR-9 HungaryZoltan Bimbi1989DI
Later USSR specials, too many to count, are not listed.

Indebted for their assistance are:
Per Ehnwall (pictures from magazines, data), Mario Ferrero (B40 picture and data), Lloyd McLean (RAM), Jim Dunkin (virtually all colour pictures)