July 22-28, Norrköping, Sweden


February 7, 1996 (corrected April 3)

The Swedish Model Flying Federation (SMFF) cordially invites your National Team to the 1996 Control Line World Championships!

The Competition Categories


Contest Site


All dates are July, 1996

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Monday 22 Arrival, Briefing
Tuesday 23 Registration, Processing,
Official Practice, Opening Ceremony
Wednesday 24 F2B: First Flight (2/3)
F2D: First Round
F2A & F2C: Practice
Thursday 25 F2A: First Flight
F2B: First Flight (1/3)
Second Flight (1/3)
F2C: First Round
F2D: Second Round
Friday 26 F2A: Second Flight
F2B: Second Flight (2/3)
F2C: Second Round
F2D: Following Rounds
Saturday 27 F2A: Third Flight
F2B: Finals
F2C: Semi-finals & Final
F2D: Last Rounds & Final
Awards & Closing Ceremony, Banquet
Sunday 28 Optional: Tour
Seminars for all categories
Monday 29 Departure

Tour and Seminar Day

Although a spare day is recommended, it is normally excluded. At the northern latitude of Norrköping there are seventeen hours of daylight, which will provide sufficient time for rescheduling due to bad weather. Instead we have scheduled an extra day after the competition, set aside for a tour, probably a boat trip on the Baltic Sea and the archipelago. This day also allows for seminars, where the judges get the opportunity to brief the competitors on rule interpretation as well as other subjects. This is optional, and the fees below for food and accommodation do not include the extra day and the tour. The CIAM Bureau approved of this arrangement.
A tourist programme will also be offered during contest days.




IMPORTANT: The CIAM Bureau has issued a clarification of the previously ambiguous Rule B.3.4 of the Sporting Code:
A competitor is considered to be a junior up to and including the calendar year in which he attains the age of 19 (nineteen). All other competitors who are older are classified as seniors.
Also, the last sentence, This rule... is of course no longer valid.

NOTE: Correction April 3:
The CIAM Bureau has informed us that our interpretation of the rule change is wrong. The age figure should be 18 (eighteen).

FAI Jury and Judges

The following jurors and judges selected from the CIAM approved list have accepted invitations and have been approved by the CIAM Bureau:

FAI Jury
President:Laird Jackson U.S.A.
Vernon Hunt United Kingdom
Carl-Göran Sundstedt Sweden
Reserves:Karlis Plocins Latvia
Guido Michiels Belgium
F2B Judges
Stefan Kraszewski Poland
Art Adamisin U.S.A.
Gan Yanlong China
Pia Buth Rasmussen Denmark
Lennart Helje Sweden
Europe:Bernadette Gilbert France
U.S.A:(not settled yet)
China:Chen Yaming
F2C Judges
Derek Heaton United Kingdom
Luis Petersen Denmark
Bruno Delor France
Reserves:Per Ehnwall Sweden
Karlis Plocins Latvia
F2D Judges
Ingemar Larsson Sweden
Guido Michiels Belgium
Thomas Dürrfeld Germany
Reserves:Rob Olijve Netherlands
Vernon Hunt United Kingdom





Lodging; Three alternatives are available:
  1. Hotel, two-bed room. The hotel is situated north of the city, on the main road to Stockholm. The distance to the contest site is five kilometres by car. Single bed or three-bed rooms are also available. In addition, extra beds for children can be arranged. There are only a limited number of three-bed rooms, and first allocation will be made to families. The hotel has high standard and includes restaurant and an indoor pool.
  2. Dormitory (barrack), 400-600 metres from the contest site inside the airbase area, four beds per room. Own bed sheet or sleeping bag are required. The rooms have no locks but have steel cupboards for each bed, lockable by own padlock. There are hot water showers and lavatories on each floor. Two additional alternatives are being investigated: Room with no beds, for sleeping on the floor with own mattress and sleeping bag at a lower price; Room with a locked door at a higher price.
  3. Camping, close to the contest site, for tent, camper or caravan. Hygiene facilities including hot water showers in nearby building.


Weather Conditions

Entry Fees

Obligatory Entry Fees (per person) CHF
(Swiss Francs)
- Competitors, Team Managers and Assistant Team Managers 250
- Junior Competitors 125
- Helpers, Supporters, Press and Independent Observers 50

For each additional competition category, add 50% of the entry fee.
Lodging (per person) 6 days additional
1, Hotel, includes breakfast two-bed room (main alternative) 347 58
single-bed room (optional) 550 92
three-bed room (limited in number)281 47
2, Dormitory 90 15
3, Camping 22 3.70
-normal: 6 x breakfast, 5 x lunch, 5 x dinner 160 24
-for hotel guests: 5 x lunch, 5 x dinner 120 31
Banquet 47
Tour and Seminars not yet determined

Official Bulletins and Entry Forms

The release dates are preliminary.
Bulletin 1, February 7 General Information, Preliminary Entry Form,
To be returned no later than March 20.
Bulletin 2, April 17 Detailed Information, Final Entry Form,
To be returned no later than May 22.
Bulletin 3, June 10 Latest News, Presentation of Entries.


A project to distribute information about the World Championships over the Internet computer network has been running for over one year. At present over fifty people representing all inhabited continents are on the list. There is also a 'mailing list', allowing people to chat and discuss matters. Requests should be sent to the e-mail address below. Information is also available through the "World-Wide Web" at the address below.
The status of this project and the information is non-official.

e-mail see page (Göran Olsson)


All official correspondence should be sent to:

Bo Hallgren
Box 100 22
Tel: +46 11-132110
Facsimile: +46 11-169160

SMFF and the 1996 World Championships Organising Committee,

Göran Olsson
Secretary, Organising Committee

Mats Bejhem
Chairman, Organising Committee

Robert Sundström
President, SMFF