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                        NORRKÖPING, SWEDEN  1996
                         INFORMATION MESSAGE #15
July 14, 1996

Countdown is on, just 8 days to go.

There is still time to get an Apex flight, and come as a supporter!
The organizers are able to accommodate you, although we are totalling
around 690!

In this issue:

Final Entries Update
Status Report
Tourist Hints
Addresses, Phone and Fax Numbers


                          FINAL ENTRIES UPDATE


In F2C the Swiss entry Muller/Saccavino is canceled. (Valentino
Saccavino enters as a helper.)



Trojno, Pavel			Ukraine
Osovik, Alexandr		Ukraine


Prohorohuk, Yury		Ukraine
Belko, Sergei			Ukraine
Iatsenko, Yury			Ukraine
Olara, Roman			Ukraine    jr
Kolesnikov, Anatoly		Uzbekistan	(!!!)
Kolesnikov, Nikolay		Uzbekistan

A Mark Twainian reappearance here!   :-)


Kaminski, Vladimir	Moskalets, Anatoli	Ukraine
Ivanko, Alexandre	Trinkal, Alexandre	Ukraine
Bondarenko, Yury	Lerner, Semen		Ukraine


Tchorny, Stanislav		Ukraine
Zhelezko, Alexei		Ukraine
Milenin, Igor			Ukraine
Usmanov, Iaroslav		Ukraine    jr
Obrezkov, Igor			Uzbekistan
Tkachov, Andrey			Uzbekistan


                             STATUS REPORT

Nothing important organization-wise to report. Preparation work for
the dormitories has already started and the contest site work starts
Monday. I will be on site from Tuesday.

A little about the weather:

Last week we had the about the worst weather we ever run the risk of,
with storm, rain and a temperature of 13 deg C (55 deg F). Thursday and
Friday were sunny and yesterday was sunny changing to overcast with a
temperature around  17 deg C (63 deg F). Wind was light to moderate.
(Did some F2C practice myself, and thought the weather was something to
wish for the W/Ch.)


                             TOURIST HINTS

Cheap lodging in Stockholm (on request).

There are a couple of dozens of Youth Hostels, 'vandrarhem' in
Stockholm. The most popular and picturesque are full in July, like the
one in a sailing ship. I checked just one other in late May, "Columbus
Hotel & Vandrarhem" and they had vacancies. I don't know any details
about the standard, but it should be adequate. Bed in a 5-person
dormitory (own bedheet req:d): 125 kr per night or single bed room
(hotel standard): 395 kr per night. Tel:+46-8-6441717 Fax: +46-8-7020764

The address is Tjärhovsgatan 11. It is on the Södermalm island, south
of the Old Town. Take the 'T-bana' (Underground) to Medborgarplatsen.
The hotel is just south of the Katarina church. From the hotel, you can
take a stroll north through the idyllic blocks with restored 18'th
century buildings surrounding the Katarina church, itself beautifully
rebuilt after a devastating fire five years ago. Further north you can
get a grand view of the waterfront from the high hills of So"dermalm.

Places of interest in Stockholm:

The Wasa Museum, where the remains of a warship that sank in the
Stockholm harbour in 1628 is on display. Salvaged in 1961, with the wood
preserved to a remarkable degree. The hull is almost intact, and it's
huge!  You are not allowed to go on board, but quite a unique experience

The Old Town island, with the Royal Castle and 16'th - 17'th century
buildings parted by narrow alleys. Lots of cellar restaurants.

A gem and a fave place of mine is the Drottningholm Court Theatre to the
west of the city. The king had it built around 1760. After 1800 it was
used as a corn storehouse until it was rediscovered around 1920, another
case of a remarkable preservation. Now the original stage machinery and
decorations are operating and in full use. There are opera and ballet
performances all summer, the orchestra using period instruments and
dresses, of course. Although there is a quota for tourists, it is very
hard to get tickets.

In Norrkoping:

North of Norrkoping is Kolmården, a rocky forest highland area, about as 
much of a wilderness as you can get in south Sweden, contrasting to the
flatland around Bråvalla. In Kolmården there is an open air zoo, where
Swedish as well as African wildlife can be seen. From a car you can make
encounters with beasts like bears and lions. There is also Europe's
largest dolphinarium.

Bronze age rock carvings have recently been found in central town, and
are on display.

Some forty kilometers to the west is the Malmen air force museum.


Bus Arlanda - Stockholm Price 60 kr.  Time 40 minutes.
Train Stockholm - Norrköping Price 205 kr (some departures cheaper, some
more expensive high speed trains.) Time 1 hour 50 minutes.
Departures on 1-2 hour intervals.



SMFF Office
Box 10022, S-600 10 Norrköping

Tel: +46-11-13 21 10
Fax: +46-11-16 91 60

Calls will be automatically transferred to the Contest Secretariat when
the office is unmanned.

Contest Secretariat

Tel: +46-11-31 27 13
     +46-11-31 25 71
Fax: +46-11-31 25 66


Scandic Hotel Norrköping Nord (Main Hotel)

Järngatan 17, S-602 23 Norrköping

Tel:+46-11-10 03 80
Fax:+46-11-18 65 66

Scandic Hotel Norrköping City (FAI Officials, Chinese Team)

Address: Slottsgatan 99, S-602 22 Norrköping

Tel:+46-11-23 32 00
Fax:+46-11-23 33 00

When phoning in Sweden, start with 011 followed by the last six digits.
In Norrkoping, use only the last six digits.

                         INFORMATION MESSAGE #14
July 3, 1996

Countdown is on, just 19 days to go.

In this issue:

Final Entries Update & Status Report
On-site Internet Reporting




Polish F2C mechanic changed from Urbanski Lukasz to Manowski Lukasz.



Billon Gerard		FRA	
Aube Jean-Marc		FRA	
Magne Jean		FRA	
Billon Eddy		FRA Jun
Tomek Vladimir		CZE Jun
Parramon Sarrate Luis	ESP
Benavent Balaguer Jorge	ESP


Billon Gerard		FRA	
Beringer Gilbert	FRA	
Delabarde Serge		FRA	
Delor Julie		FRA Jun
Cani Ivan		CZE	
Dobrovolny Radek	CZE	
Vejmola Jiri		CZE	
Arroyo Manrique Angel	ESP Jun


Gilbert Christophe	Gilbert Regis		FRA	
Maret Jean		Picard Fabrice		FRA	
Surugue Roland		Perret Jean-Paul	FRA	
Surugue Pascal		Surugue Georges		FRA Jun
Ralis Martin		Fusek Petr		CZE
Martinez Victoria Angel	Crespi Segui Pedro	ESP
Oterino Palmero J. Luis	Rodriguez Serrano Jose	ESP


Kucera Pavel		CZE	
Marek Ladislav		CZE	
Mejzlik Tomas		CZE	
Garcia Vaquero Juan Jose ESP	
Bruguera Tous Enrique	ESP	
Simal Melgar Roberto	ESP	
Mendoza Gonzalez Javier	ESP Jun

Additional entries with names not given:

                  F2A jr  F2B jr  F2C jr  F2D jr
Lithuania         1
Ukraine           2       6   2   3       3   1

 Countries TM                                    supporters
   32      37     46  5   76  9   49  3   59  8   178

Indonesia has reported an entry of half a dozen, but no classes or names

Add to that around thirty children and other companions entered that
don't pay the supporter fee, 15 FAI officials with a dozen companions,
around 60 officials and a dozen or so invited guests. In all 650

The Junior World Championships are realized in F2A, F2B and F2D,
which have over five entries. In F2C, however, only three teams are
entered, so no Champion title will be awarded.


                         ON-SITE INTERNET REPORTING

Now when we have come this far, with reporting over internet since over
18 months, what will happen as the event starts?

I'll be off to Norrköping from July 15 to start preparing the site. I'll
bring my PC, and with a phone line at hand, I'll be able to connect to
my internet host at work.

So the technical resources are there for the internet activities to
continue. Human-resources-wise, however, I'll be quite busy with the
preparations, and as the event starts, I'll transform into an F2C
mechanic (not as prepared as I would like).

But, with forty-odd of you netters coming to Norrköping, maybe some of
you will be able to make contributions?

How about daily reports? We can divide the task between us. Results can
be exported from the official system. I don't think my PC can be
accessible to all, so those who have a laptop PC, try to bring it! Then
give me a diskette with your plain text files.

Remember, though, that I am legally responsible for everything that is
sent from my account, and I have to make the final editing.

The reports will be output as e-mail to this mailing list, and as
plain text www pages in parallel.

How about pictures? WWW allows for images as well. If anyone has got an
electronic camera, then bring it! I hope we will have a hand scanner,
and I'm sure there are two-hour processing service in the city. Maybe
even Photo-CD service. Polaroids are also a possibility.

The internet stuff we produce could also be posted at the contest site,
or even copied and distributed. Suddenly we have a W/Ch newsletter!

Send me a note if you volunteer, if you bring equipment of interest,
or if you have further ideas.

                         INFORMATION MESSAGE #13
June 11, 1996

In this issue:

Status Report
Bulletin No. 3 - see above


                            STATUS REPORT

We have by now received completed Final Entries from all countries that
made preliminary ones except around five, and payments (without forms
with names) from some more. The names of the competitors are listed in
the bulletin below. Around 170 supporters are also entered.

A cross check of the names in the distribution list reveals that around
forty of you readers of this will show up in Norrköping! I look forward
to seeing you all!

A slight change in the site layout has been made with reference to the
sketch in message #12. The F2A and F2C contest circles are moved to the
north runway branch, for better surface quality.

                        NORRKOPING, SWEDEN  1996
                         INFORMATION MESSAGE #12
May 23, 1996

                               STATUS REPORT

At the moment, final entries and payments are coming in a steady
stream. We have not been able to compile any lists yet, however.
We are having quite a busy time, but no major obstacles have shown up.

Preliminary entries have come also from Slovakia and Indonesia, making
the number of countries 33.


                                CAR RENTAL

Avis and Hertz have announced their summer budget prices (in Swedish

Valid June 28 to August 18.

Size     Example         Price per day
                         (3 days minimum)
Smallest Ford Fiesta     275
Small    Ford Escort     325
         Hyundai Accent
Medium   Ford Mondeo     350
Med. Big Saab 900        425
Big      Volvo 850       450
         Saab 9000
Combi    Volvo 945       450
         Ford Mondeo

The car should be returned to the same Avis office.
Included: Unlimited travel, insurance, all tax including airport duty.

These prices are not known to foreign Avis offices, but they may be able
to help you with the reservation anyway. If not, use these Swedish phone

Booking office:              +46-91026460
Arlanda (Stockholm) airport: +46-859511500


Valid July 20 (!) - August 18
Prices are for 7 days or over ,other rates for shorter periods.

Size     Example         Price per day
Economy  Renault Clio    285
Compact  Renault 19      312  
Intermed Volvo 440       327
Standard Ford Mondeo     341
Full Siz Volvo 940       363
Premium  Volvo 850       435

Combi    Volvo 945       377
         Volvo 855       449

Conditions are as Avis, but airport duty of 115 Kr is added.
Phone see Bulletin No. 2