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News and Current Topics

The new F2A World Cup Trophy instituted by the Swedish Model Flying Federation. It was handed over to the German federation at the recent CIAM Meeting, as the winner for 1999 is Norbert Schmitz. Another picture.

CIAM Plenary Meeting Preliminary Report

The Changes to the F2B Judges' Guide taken at the CIAM Plenary Meeting are described in this summary by Andy Sweetland.

The complete F2B Judging Instructions Document, with link to original at FAI:s web site.

FAI:s page on the 2000 CIAM Plenary Meeting, now including pictures

World Wide Control Line News

Updated February 23.
Contest reports and other interesting things gathered from e-mail to me. Send me your news for inclusion here!

Upcoming Competition Activities

Control Line Contests 2000:

FAI 2000 C/L Sporting Calendar
The official version out December 8

Other International Contests (under construction)

National Contest Calendars: Swedish | British | Swiss

Presentations and Invitations

12th Vintage Stunt Championships, Tucson, Arizona, USA. March 23-26 Added Information February 9th
Bitterfeld Contest (F2C World Cup, F2ABD, F4B, F2B Beginner), Bitterfeld, Germany, 29th April to 1st May.
Jozef Gabris Memorial, Bratislava, Slovakia, June 9-11
The Limfjords Competition & Open Nordic Champs, Aalborg, Denmark. June 10-11.
City of Ciriè World Cup near Torino, Italy, June 17-18

The World Champs 2000

in Landres, France, 12-19 July.

Official Web Site

Still in preparation, partly in French. Information in English from Bulletin 0 is now found under the menu in English, as well as some additional information.

Bulletin 0 (my copy), Dec 5

List of Preliminary Entries, March 10

National Teams for the World Champs

Please send me information about your teams for posting here!

USA F2A Team Selection Results from Pete Soule. His full Report with pictures

Past Competition Activities

Control Line Contests 1999:
C/L World Cup Calendar | National Calendars: Swedish | British

Vintage Stunt Champs #12 Results, from Mike Keville. Tucson, Arizona, March '00

British Racing Results by Andy Whorton.
Loet Wakkerman's Assortment of Combat Contest Reports, now including E/Ch report.
Swedish Contest Results
1999 European Championships, Valladolid, Spain, July 12-18

Final Results and Reports

New Jan '00: F2D Report, F2C Pictures

1999 C/L World Cup Results

- as PDF files (fetch your looking-glass, print is fine).
Overall Report | Complete Results:
F2A | F2B | F2C | F2D
Judges Report
All prepared by Bruno Delor.
[To view PDF files you need Acrobat Reader]

Competitions 1999

Competitions 1998

Past Championships

The 1998 World Champs in Kyiv (Kiev), Ukraine.
1997 European in Valladolid, Spain.
1996 World that we hosted in Norrköping, Sweden.
1995 European

Technical Stuff

Combat engines at the World Champs 1998 in Kiev
by Jim Dunkin
Making a Propeller Mold
by Bill Lee
'Propeller Molds "the making of"'
Mario Ferrero's followup on Bill's article. Excellent pictures.
Model Aerodynamics and Airfoils.
Visit this great site of Martin Hepperle, sporting among other things, a propeller design form!
First article on Line Drag by E. Larrabee, 1950 (now recovered)
Loet Wakkerman's home page
Shows his and Lothar Hentschel's new investment cast crankcases and wax moulds, and the progress of finishing the crankcases.
Unit Conversions
Metal Alloys and Other Materials

Search and Selection by Properties, Composition or Name

Team Racing History Web Site

Strolling Around
Opened November 16, 1997

As I F2C It

My Team Racing Results
My T/R Fuel Development
A Team Racing Calculator

My Excel spreadsheet for calculating drag, engine power and lots of other things on a T/R model.
Changing Line Diameter in F2C Team Racing?
My Calculations.

..and as Others F2C It

Bill Lee's and John McCollum's Line Rake Test
Fashionable F2C
Andy Whorton on the British F2C teams
Team Racing Engines at the World Champs
1998 in Kiev and 1996 in Norrköping

Both by Jim Dunkin
Brian Fairey's T/R Engines
The Crankcase Man's whole(?) production on display.
The FMV Story. Flores' and Metkemeijer's landmark T/R engine article, 1978

C/L Rules

The 1997 FAI Aeromodelling Sporting Code
Directly from the FAI.

The General Section of the FAI Sporting Code, 1999 edition,
Get a firm grip on this in addition to the Aeromodelling Section if you are to attend a World or European Champs!

The F2B Aerobatics Pattern
With comments, all by Richard Spurling

USA Racing Rules by NCLRA.

FAI - CIAM Activities

List of Approved Judges 1999-2000

March '99 Plenary Meeting Agenda with Rule Proposals, C/L Excerpts
Minutes of the November 1998 Bureau meeting
Report from the CIAM 1998 Plenary Meeting: C/L Issues
'97 December meeting and '98 Plenary Meeting agenda. (As zipped Word 6.0 files.) You can also find the C/L stuff in my newsletter.

Goodyear Racing

A simplified form of Team Racing with "profile" fuselage and 1/8 scale rules. See below for my "Li'l Quickie" design and the full size plan offer. Read the Description and Building Hints!

My Cosmic Wind lacks a plan, but I have GIFs of a 3-view of the prototype: Part 1 | Part 2

Tim Stone's executions of the Li'l Quickie: The '97 version uses a Gillot modified Rossi and goes 120 mph (190 km/h). The two '98 versions have upped the speed to 130 mph, using Rossi and Nelson engines

The SMFF C/L site now has a List of Goodyear Designs and Plans. In Swedish, but you can understand at least the tables and addresses. Also check Per Ehnwall's Goodyear page.

Unified Goodyear Rules

Take part in this attempt to arrive at a common set of rules for many countries! Read my own views!

Swiss invitation to Entry Level T/R competition in Breitenbach, May 14-16, with discussions about the rules for such an event.

Read the opinions of Paul McPeake, taken from the Novocastrians' web site! Send your comments by e-mail to Per or myself!

New Goodyear Kit from Mejzlik Modellbau

Texas Quickie Rat rules. Can these serve as a template for common Goodyear rules?

Story of Success

The French program to support juniors was crowned by Julie Delor, age 16, becoming the 1995 European Junior Champion in Aerobatics, F2B. Read the account by her father Bruno.

A few pictures - click to view in full resolution

T/R Plan
My Team Racer design (65k), three-view plan.
Engine + Tank
Engine and tank detail (19k).
Goodyear Plan
My Goodyear Racer design, 'Li'l Quickie' (47k), two-view plan.
Fleet '91
My racing fleet of 1991 (89k) and its fate.
The above also available as PostScript and Acrobat (PDF) files to render full size plans on a number of sheet. They work with both A4 and letter paper formats. The PS can be edited to fit any paper size. Updated Jan-99.
How to view PostScript files.   How to edit and customize.
Team Racer PostScript File | Goodyear PostScript File
Team Racer Acrobat File | Goodyear Acrobat File
Two Team Racing models from Australia: Keith Baddock's (using my wing outline design) - Paul Stein's
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