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September 2 - Big crash for me tomorrow! Equipment I have made will impact on the Moon at a speed of 2 km/s (7200 km/h). Read more about the SMART-1 spacecraft impact here: ESA News and SMART-1.

August 1 - World Champs Results and Reports

May 22 - World Champs Bulletin 2 now available

May 11 - My E-mail Directory finally updated after more than a year of inactivity. Sorry to all who have waited to see their updates! Go to the link on my main page to find the directory!

April 4 - A Summary of the Answers, to the F2D Safety Questionnaire, published 20th March 2006. (This is the version submitted to the Subcommittee. A few late answers are not included.)

March 21 - The World Champs Bulletin 1 is now available, only that the link on the official web site gets wrong or invisible if you haven't Flash Player installed! Here is the correct one: Bulletin 1. Issued March 2006.

February 17 - This year is out of synch for rule changes, but still there are a few C/L proposals on the CIAM Plenary Meeting agenda. Go to this CIAM page to download it!

There is also F2D safety issue under discussion in the C/L subcommittee and elsewhere! The concern is over the hazards of flyaways. Enforcing shutoffs already for this year's World Champs has been proposed. Read this F2D Flyaway Prevention paper. It has a questionnaire, and you should e-mail your views to any of the authors! You can also discuss this in the cl_combat yahoogroup!


December 22 - The 2006 World Championships site has now opened, featuring Bulletin 0.
August 8 - European Champs 2005: Transitrace F2A Log Files
August 2 - Links to Report (in German) and 205 pictures from the European Championships by Claudia Kehnen.
July 23 - European Championships Final Results posted on the official web site.
July 20 - European Championships: Intermediate results are being posted on the official web site.
June 30 - Dates for the 2006 World Championships are set to 16-23 July.
June 30 - Links to pages about Control Line Pioneers:
History of Control Line in the Aeromaniacs site, and biographies of Oba St.Clair and Jim Walker in the AMA Museum site.
May 24 - Edited and uploaded Mike Willcox' Report from Cup of Aleksin, Russia (F2D). Also Results from the organizers. 92 entries!. Also results from Limfjords Competition. See my main page.
May 11 - A configuration error kept my site off the net for 1.5 days, in connection with the provider changing the IP address of the server. When you see this, your chain of Domain Name Servers has finally got the news.
May 3 - European Championships Bulletin 2 now posted.
April 18 - Link to European Champs Preliminary Entries.
April 11 - A correction: World Champs 2006 dates were reported as in August on my main page. This was through a misunderstanding. They are in the second half of July, possibly July 17-23.
April 10 - Is Athletics learning from Control Line?? I am referenced in a scientific article in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine! Look HERE! (Second but last in the list of references.)
April 6 - Dates for the 2006 World Championships set to August 4-14 July 17-23 (preliminarily).
April 3 - My new web server works a little differently from the old one, so some links internal to my site may have become broken. I have corrected a few dozen, but there are almost 1500 files in all on my site, so it may take some time to go through everything. If you find a broken link to a page or a picture on a page of mine, I would appreciate a notification.
April 1 - Now I have a domain of my own!
March 28 - F2B Working Group Report March 2005 by Peter Germann
March 28 - Brief report on Control Line matters from the 2005 CIAM Plenary Meeting by Bengt-Olof Samuelsson.
February 11 - Added link on the links page to site about Jim Walker, the Control Line pioneer.
February 6 - The 2005 CIAM Plenary Meeting Agenda now available on the FAI web site. Go HERE to download it. Read it thoroughly and brief your CIAM delegate on your opinions!
Only two C/L items this year, pages 17 and 18 of the agenda. But also look at page four!
February 1 - NOW TEN YEARS ON THE WEB - will be moving soon!
January 25 - European Champs Web site now up
January 22 - A SAD NOTE:
Wayne Trivin of Florida, USA, passed away on January 20 after a long illness.
His web site, where he penetrated in depth into many C/L and other matters, generously sharing his experiences, is well known to all of us. Dick Lambert and Bill Lee has seen to that it is preserved for posterity on NCLRA's site, HERE, with Dick's obituary.
His brother also has a site HERE.
-I'm glad I got to meet Wayne in Muncie last summer.

Some gentle humour to cheer you up. Nothing about modeling, but anyway: A video clip, (4 MB, WMV format): Helpdesk A.D. 1004. Brother Ansgar has problems coping with the latest high tech. In Norwegian, but visible enough for you to get most of it. Just in case, I have prepared an English translation.


December 8 - Reworked the International Contest Calendar for 2005
December 7 - The full World Cup Results and reports are now downloadable from my Main Page
November 24 - International Contest Calendar for 2005 (Copied from CMBL)
November 24 - The European Champs for next year are now announced on the CIAM site.
November 8 - Sometimes I scan the web for pages with links to my site. Now I found that a site called Omniknow saw reason to link to my page under the subject "History of Sweden"!!
Go HERE!   - It started 9000 B.C. and peaks here!
October 31 - New Combat discussion group created at Yahoo: 'cl_combat' ! This complements the existing combat-l group, which is focused on USA. The new group has focus on the F2D class. It is of course open to all with interest in combat! Go to the group's home page to sign in!
October 25 - There's a book about the Oliver Tiger! Check HERE!
October 2 - Pete Soule did some statistics work on the F2A log files from Muncie. Read HERE!
September 27 - Posted Glen Dye's article On making Connecting Rods for Model Engines. Comes from the Delphi Flyfast forum, now somewhat expanded.
September 21 - The Transitrace F2A log files from the World Championships are now made public on the official site. Follow This Link! There is also a description on how to use the log files.
September 4 - Links to articles on Jaures Garofali of Super Tigre fame, as well as other engine designers, and on Chromium plating. On my main page.
August 26 - Charlie Stone of Perth, AUS, struck GOLD (actually a less noble metal :-) ) in a 1946 Aeromodeller issue - All involved in F2C will appreciate especially the last paragraph of the letter. New secrets are not as new as you might think! Charlie's message.
August 26 - NZ W/Ch report on my World Champs Results page.
August 17 - Link to F2A Report on the official site, by Dave Mark.
August 16 - Video uptake from the W/Ch F2C final now available on the web though the combined efforts of John Jerabek, behind the camera, and Noam Weissman, behind the web space. LINK.
August 3 - Link to Andy Whorton's W/Ch F2C Report
July 27 - Jim Dunkin's W/Ch F2C Engine Compilation updated with added comments and pictures.
July 25 - My own World Champs Results page. No more logins!
July 25 - Link to W/Ch Stunt Picture Album
July 24 - Links to Pete Soule's fantastic presentation of all World and European Championships for F2A and F2C. Reports and results. Also some Stunt and Combat results.
July 21 - My 'Transitrace' timing system was used officially for F2A at the World Championships in Muncie! 100% success!

July 20 - Jim Dunkin's W/Ch F2C Engine Compilation now posted.
Of course all W/Ch results are now available through the Official Site
June 8 - Note that the CIAM Plenary Meeting Minutes are now posted on the CIAM Site.
June 3 - My Transitrace speed timers now available.
May 25 - World Champs Bulletin 3 now posted on the W/Ch Web Site
May 23 - E-mail working again - was a huge spam attack.
May 21 - My e-mail is out of order, at least my incoming! My outgoing e-mail seems to work. If you have anything urgent to me, use my temporary hotmail address!
May 1 - After a long delay, delivery of the Transitrace Speed Timers has now started, finally! I have sent an announcement to all who placed orders, but it seems some have changed their e-mail addresses. Have a look at this web copy of the message, and contact me if you placed an order!
March 30 - First reported results of the year: Vintage Stunt Championships by Dave Day - for the rest you have to go to my main page, no notifications here.
March 19 - My views on the change of line diameter in F2C, decided by CIAM to be effective 2005.
March 8 - My vision of a F2C model for next year if the rule proposal to lift the semi-scale requirement is taken. Of course, it could no longer be referred to as Team Racing. There is already a name for racing with no semi-scale requirement: Rat Racing. That's what I will call it!

February 13 - Links to a few domestic contest calendars added on my main page.
January 30 - Link to Mark Rudner's Combat 101 Course
January 29 - The 2004 CIAM Plenary Meeting Agenda is now available at the FAI site.
January 25 - I have started scanning old Championships Results. The first, 1991 and 1992, are ready on the Old Champs Page. More will come.
January 23 - Latest version of AMA:s Recommendations for Traveling with Model Aircraft on Public Transportation from the World Champs web site.
January 22 - World Champs Bulletin 2 posted at the Official Web Site.
January 21 - A new version of my F2A Speedsheet is now posted. The drag coefficient (CD) for the lines had an old formula! Now the same as for my F2C spreadsheet. Explanatory texts amended and corrected.
January 1 - 2003 results shoved away to their own page


December 27 - My Speedsheet updated. Now the influence of the assymetric drag of the model is better presented. Download the Excel file!
December 23 - I copied SIG:s article on Balsa Wood to my own site, to make it permanently accessible.
December 17 - Link to FAI:s Wright Brothers Page.
December 10 -Celebrating the Centennial of Powered Flight - The Swedish Way
December 9 - Link to FAI Contest Calendar 2004, which is now posted on the FAI - CIAM site.
November 26 - F2C World Record ratification
November 22 - I made a F2A version of my F2C spreadsheet, called Speedsheet, of course. Download the Excel file!
November 17 - Link to the World Cup Final Results at the CMBL site.
November 5 - To understand and appreciate Control Line of today, one should know the past and how innovations were done. There is now an excellent means to do this, through the hard work of Enrico Mauletti: A CD-ROM with articles from major publications from 1955 until today, with an index. See the link to Enrico's Page! It's yours for 15 EUR, postage paid. Send Enrico a request!


October 3 - Link to NASA's Metalworking Index.
September 16 - Open International of Lisbon is canceled. Was scheduled for Sept 27-28. Reported by J. Loureiro de Sousa.
September 8 - MY E-MAIL ADDRESS WILL CHANGE: After enjoying the same e-mail address for 13 years(!), it will now change (sob). I remain in the same place, but you have to use the e-mail address found HERE after 1st October!
September 4 - Link to World Champs 2004 Bulletin 1.
September 1 - Link to World Cup Standings from the CMBL site.
August 28 - "At last, Computer Combat!" - Johnathon Crabtree's PC game must be given a try! GO HERE!
August 5 - Collected all E/Ch Info to own page. Includes link to Adriano Molteni's F2D Report.
July 23 - Now the E/Ch Organizers' Picture Page is on-line.
July 21 - Added E/Ch Results: F2A | F2D From Fabien's site, edited and cleaned up. Also, F2C results made complete.

Matthias Möbius is back home, and has posted reports (in German) and pictures HERE. English and French summary will come in a few days!
July 19 - Some E/Ch Preliminary Final Results: F2B | F2C (F2A and F2D still missing, sorry!)
July 15 - Intermediate results from the E/Ch are beginning to appear on the CMR Club Site. First F2B round is in place 19:10 CET.
July 13 - Finally got an updated e-mail directory.
July 10 - Dave Campbell, long time British F2C National Team member lost his battle with cancer on June 24th. Andy Whorton has compiled this Memorial Page
July 10 - Found List of E/Ch Competitors
July 10 - Matthias Möbius says he will strive to post daily reports from the European Championships in Rouillé HERE
June 25 - Wayne Trivin has written a nice account of how he started with Chromium Plating. (Wayne gives some warning, but it can't be said too many times: Beware that Chromic acid is an extremely hazardous substance. Safety first!)
June 17 - A lot of results: Aalborg, Moscow, Sebnitz, Ciriè. See my main page
June 3 - Results from Jura Cup, Breitenbach: F2B (PDF) F2C (GIF). Thanks to Andy Sweetland.


December 20 - My Christmas Greetings to all in my on-line e-mail list and to all others too!
December 19 - World Cup 2002 Final Results (Excel file). Received through J-P Perret.
December 11 - The 2002 World Champs Site again has the full F2B results. All results are now called 'official'. Still, the F2B results are wrong, as the juniors who qualified for just the junior finals are placed according to their finals results in the total. Errors also remain in the F2C national team results, as Sweden should be 5th, not shared 4th. Same sum of places as the UK, but best individual place is one behind. For the same reason, Singapore should be 9th, not 8th. (Sporting Code 4.3.11)
December 10 - Contest Calendar for 2003 - World Cup and Other Internationals from J-P Perret
December 3 - Link to Martin Hepperle's Aerodynamics Site, which is back on the air!
November 6 - World Champs 2004 dates announced: July 4 - 11.
October 21 - Holger Suchi tells in his web site how the flooding disaster affected our control line friends in Bitterfeld (in Saxony, Eastern Germany). The house of the well-known Möbius family was flooded, as was the house of Ronny Matthei (F2D junior). Holger mentions a Help Fund for the victims. (In German, use the Altavista translation) (In May this year I stayed in a private pension in the same street as Möbius - Holger told me this street was flooded to 1 metre height - hard to comprehend!)
October 21 - Referring to the news of Oct 10: Read this information about the viruses involved: 'Bugbear' and 'Klez'!
October 17 - Link to Lassogeier's World Champs 2002 Page. In German, but lots of pictures.
Especially, check who they mistake for an Ukrainian: Here and Here ! Must have been the fast airspeed!
October 16 - My Excel spreadsheet giving propeller blade angle data for a given pitch.
October 10 - Spam and virus e-mail with counterfeit sender addresses are becoming more and more common. I get many indications that my e-mail address is subject to forging. NEVER TRUST AN E-MAIL JUST BECAUSE IT HAS MY E-MAIL ADDRESS AS SENDER! If in doubt, send me a note!
September 21 - World Cup Results updated on the CMBL site.
August 27 - Report on F2D at the World Champs by Guido Michiels, F2D Chief Judge
August 19 - Over 50 entries removed from my e-mail list, as the addresses bounced. Have a check if you're among them!!
August 19 - Link to F2B Rule Revision Forum.
August 15 - Found this link to The Autobiography of Duke Fox (PDF).
August 13 - Report on F2A at the World Champs by Ian McIntosh, F2A Contest Director
August 12 - Still a lot of invalid addresses in my e-mail list!! These are marked with a "-??". I shall remove those entries, which stand uncorrected one week from now.
August 9 - My excuses for not winning F2C in Sebnitz
August 9 - World Champs F2D Circle Marshal Mack Henry is in hospital.
August 6 - WORLD CHAMPS: Engine and tank of the F2C World Champions
August 5 - WORLD CHAMPS: F2B Round Up by Claus Maikis, Event Director
Now I have a Results and Reports Page, linking to everything.
August 3 - WORLD CHAMPS: More pictures from Mike Willcox
Loet Wakkerman's F2D Report. With pictures, and a suggestion to combat flyaways (pun intended!). Now with improved readability, thanks to yours truly!
August 2 - WORLD CHAMPS: Andy Whorton's F2C Report.
August 1 - All World Champs Results are now posted on the organizers' web site.
July 30 - 82 invalid addresses in my e-mail list!! These are marked with a "-??". Please help me correct this! Check your own entry, and also, if you know how to contact someone else with an invalid entry, do so, and ask him/her to notify me! For the future: Please don't forget to notify me when you change your address!
July 29 - WORLD CHAMPS NEWS: F2D RESULTS from the organizers.
July 27 - WORLD CHAMPS NEWS: Report on F2C by Luis Petersen.
July 26 - WORLD CHAMPS NEWS: Links to my own versions of the results:
F2A RESULTS from Matthias Möbius. | F2B RESULTS from Holger Suchi.
F2C RESULTS from Bruno Delor. | F2D Summary from Mike Willcox.
F2D Junior Results on Matthias Möbius' site.
UNOFFICIAL Results from my Transitrace Optical Timing System.
Look for added information in the future!
Masaru Hiki's W/Ch page with Pictures
July 25 - WORLD CHAMPS NEWS: Tidied up the F2C RESULTS - file size now 12 kilobytes instead of 142. - Made a few corrections: Spelling of a few names, and Moldova removed.
Holger Suchi posted the F2B RESULTS. Now my own version is linked.
Champs pictures from the Town of Sebnitz Web site
July 24 - WORLD CHAMPS NEWS: Back from the World Champs in Sebnitz - 20th in F2C - so-so. I await results in computer readable format, have only F2C this far, sorry! Data from my Transitrace optical timing system for F2A will be published here soon. These data are unofficial only!
World Champions 2002:
F2A: Parramon, Luis, ESP, 302.5 km/h; F2B: Han, Xinping, CHN; F2C: Bondarenko, Yuri / Lerner, Semen, UKR; F2D: Willcox, Michael, USA
Matthias Möbius' daily reports and pictures.
Igor Burger's pictures (mostly F2B).
F2D Summary from the Champ Himself - And Pictures from the Same
Sebnitz Pictures from Ondra Basek, Czech Republic ( uncommented, big pictures, slow loading).
Dick Lambert's W/Ch Page, F2C
July 10 - See you at the World Champs in Sebnitz! /Göran
July 5 - Link to Japanese W/Ch Team Page by Masaru Hiki.
July 1 - 5th City of Ciriè World Cup Results (PDF)
June 30 - World Champs Bulletin 3 (PDF file), with list of entries.
June 28 - Swedish W/Ch Team gallery complete.
June 26 - Links to Grand Prix de France Results by CMBL, and F2C Report by Andy Whorton.
June 20 - Link to Moscow Gold Engine Cup Results by CMBL.
June 13 - Link to More Sebnitz Pictures by Matthias Möbius.
June 13 - Link to CIAM Page with Minutes from the 2002 Plenary Meeting.
June 11 - Link to Sebnitz June 8-9 Report (in German) with Pictures and Results, by Matthias Möbius.
May 31 - Link to Pete Soule's Look at the History of F2A Speed. (Location changed June 6.)
May 29 - Link to Grand Prix of the Ukraine Results.
May 29 - Link to Limfjords Competition Results.
May 22 - Link to 6th Open of Paris Results by CMBL.
May 21 -Holzlandpokal 2002 F2D Results sent in by Nerijus Zukauskas.
May 20 - World Champs Bulletin 2 (PDF file).
May 14 - Link to Bitterfeld Pictures on the Lassogeier site.
May 14 - Link to Salzburg Report (in German) with Pictures, by Matthias Möbius.
May 13 - Link to Results from Salzburg 10-12 May.
May 11 - People you don't want to meet in the Sebnitz green circle. (Or in a dark alley :-) )
May 8 - VIRUS WARNING: Some have received virus e-mail with me as sender. This is NOT from me! The virus is faking the sender address. It probably picks this address from the address book in the infected system. A known sender makes the receiver more likely to open the attachment and infect his system. Apparently someone in the C/L community has got his PC infected. I have got a few similar virus e-mail from senders known to me, but the header details show they come from the domain, different from the sender's domain. Check your system for viruses!
May 7 - Advice for carrying model equipment on airliners.
May 6 - Link to Results from Bitterfeld. April 25 - Link to Pictures from the Bill Nusz Memorial Speed contest, Whittier Narrows, California.
April 25 - Link to Vidreres 2000 Results
April 16 - NOTE about the Sainte-Eulalie (Bordeaux) Inernational: Due to the French presidential election the date is moved from 4-5 May to 25-26 May. F2A, F2B, F2C, but only F2B will be World Cup.
April 15 - We had to change the venue for the Open Nordic Champs, as the airstrip we have allotted got claimed for Drag Racing on our date.
New Information
March 28 - The World Champs Bulletin 1 is now also available on the organizers' web site: BULLETIN 1 (zipped Word file).
March 27 - World Champs Bulletin 1 (PDF file). The fastest way to get this was via South America (well, France); Thanks Eduardo Affonso!
March 22 - Link to invitation to Joszef Gabris Memorial (see main page)
March 12 - Invitation to MACH Annual Control Line Weekend on June 29th and 30th, Herentals, Belgium.
March 12 - Link to Matthias Möbius' Sebnitz Picture Page.
March 8 - Unofficial heavily revised list of Jurors and Judges at the World Championships.
March 8 - World Champs Swedish Team
March 6 - The World Champs Web Site now exists in an English version! Finally!! (Work is still underway, not all is in English.)
March 1 - Can hardly be called news, but I finally got the story of My visit to former T/R pilot Manfred Bader written. Why now, three years after the fact? Well, I saw someone sold one of his engines on Ebay for 820 Euros!
February 22 - Link to USA World Champs 2002 Team Page by Bill Lee.
February 16 - A cool pic from New Year, Lennart and Tommy of the Stockholm club MFK Red Baron with 1.5 cc combat models. (We had a good winter for a couple of weeks.)
February 12 - Link to Agenda for the March 2002 CIAM Plenary Meeting.
February 9 - World Champs Site updated with a new map of the contest site, among other things.
Still ony in German!! Use the Babel Fish Translation Service at Altavista to translate to English or French!
A Map over the Dresden and Sebnitz area with the contest sites marked by arrows. Blue for the main site, F2ABC; black for the F2D site (Thanks to Bill Lee for the original; the arrows are my addition.)
February 6 - C/L Subcommittee proposals for the 2002 Plenary Meeting, from the F2B Working Group: (PDF files) (For discussion only; vote in 2004)
F2B Rules Proposal Overview | Rules Proposal | Judging Guide Proposal
February 5 - Link to Minutes of the November 2001 CIAM Bureau Meeting (PDF)
February 1 - Swedish Contest Calendar and Invitation to the Nordic (Scandinavian) Championships are now posted on the Swedish C/L web site.
January 27 - Another load of pictures from Jim Dunkin included in The T/R Engine History. (HP, Kosmic, TMA, OMB, Cipolla, LLAM, Nelson, FMV, UFO, BG, BP, CS, Pares)


December 27 - Just a Holiday diversion: My home page converted to Swedish Chef talk (from the Muppet Show) and Hillbilly Redneck talk. All the links will take you to a site that will translate them too.
December 14 - A note about the W/Ch 2002 Bulletin 0: This was released before the CIAM Bureau meeting in November. The Bureau has the authority to change things, and so I have heard that they did, but I have no official information.
December 7 - Link to 2002 FAI Contest Calendar by CMBL.
November 20 - Lost and found: The web site for the World Championships.
NOTE: Picture of German Prime Minister (Bundeskanzler) with Speed model!
November 19 - Bulletin 0 for the World Championships 2002 in Sebnitz, Germany.
November 19 - Link to F2B Proposals by the Subcommittee, with discussions, at the CLAPA web site.
(The mentioned deadline of Oct 31st applies for feedback to affect the S/C proposal. Nevertheless, feedback to affect the final set of rules can be given though your CIAM delegate until well before the March 2002 Plenary meeting.)
November 19 - Recently, with the help of Jim Dunkin, I have updated the Team Racing History Engine Page. There are lots of new pictures taken from Jim's huge collection. If he persists, more updates will come.
November 15 - Posted the C/L Subcommittee proposals for the 2002 Plenary Meeting:
Racing Rule Proposals
F2C Judging Guide
F2F Profile Racing Class
November 13 - List of Prime Sites now on my Main Page.
November 12 - Discovered that I had no link to the page for the 2001 edition of the FAI Sporting Code at CIAM:s site. Now corrected!
November 8 - Link to 2001 C/L World Cup Final Results on CMBL's site. November 6 - Link to Pete Soule's web version of his 1972 Aeromodeller Annual article on Speed and Line Drag.
October 8 - World Championships 2002 USA Team Selections, F2A results added
September 24 - World Championships 2002 Team Selections: USA F2C & F2D
September 20 - Grand Prix of Luxemburg 2001 Results
September 3 - World Cup 2001 Standings August by Bruno Delor
August 31 - ECh '01: British Combat Report by Mike Whillance
August 30 - Links to British Nats Results: F2C Results by Andy Whorton.
  Swedish Victory by Ingemar Larsson and Jan Gustafsson  
Stunt Results by Dave Day
August 29 - The new Mazniak 15 engine.
August 29 - The new Lerner 15 engine.
August 23 - ECh '01: A Picture Gallery started.
August 20 - ECh '01: F2C Judges' Briefing handed out to the competitors.
August 20 - Link to Bill Lee's F2C Model Box article.
August 20 - Link to F2C Judging Guide posted on Bill Lee's site.
August 16 - European Champs: F2C Judges' Notes from Derek Heaton
August 15 - European Champs Results: The original Excel files from the organizers, including team results: F2A and F2C | F2B | F2D August 14 - European Champs Results, posted on the CMBL site. Sylvain beat me!! (Only individual results.)
August 4 - Off to European champs, back on August 13.
July 20 - In the British F2D report from Sebnitz, some whillain said: "It is rumoured that the operation [heart surgery on Loet W.] was the result of a Swedish protest last year in which they argued that they suspected Loet of being a cybernoid and having no heart at all."
A comment
July 17 - Link to Jean-Paul Perret's report from GP de France.
July 16 - Link to Grand Prix de France T/R Report by Andy Whorton
July 9 - Link to Grand Prix de France Results Landres, 7-8 July, by CMBL.
July 5 - George Aldrich passed away July 4th.
July 3 - The Legendary George Aldrich reported to be seriously ill.
June 27 - Link to British Team flying combat in Sebnitz by Mike Whillance, in Loet's web site.
June 26 - Link to European Champs Bulletin 3
June 23 - Link to 9. Sächsische-Schweiz-Cup Results
June 19 - Link to Gold Engine, Moscow, 28-31 May, F2C Report and Results, by CMBL
June 15 - Link to Loet Wakkerman's report on the Limfjords Competition
June 11 - Amphibian T/R
June 8 - Link to results from Limfjords Competition, Ålborg, Denmark, 2-3 June. (Amphibian competition, 5 cm of water on the circle, I was told) June 8 - Link to Jura Cup '01 Results , F2B, F2C
June 7 - Link to Tautenheim Report (F2D, held in Bitterfeld) by Loet Wakkerman
May 30 - Two more comments from Claus Maikis on the new T/R pitman restrictions: 1 | 2
May 29 - The European Champs Bulletin 2 is now posted on the organizer's web site.
May 22 - Follow the link to Loet Wakkerman's writeup on F2D mufflers! He says it's boring, but he probably means drilling (thr......) .
May 18 - Contest Reminder: Jura Cup, Breitenbach, Switzerland, May 24-27. F2B, F2C
May 14 - I have FINALLY got my e-mail list back in good order. Click on the BOX on This Page! The list now has 420 entries. If you aren't already on the list, send me a note to become included!
May 13 - F2B Rules Discussion. C/L Subcommittee member Peter Germann calls everyone interested in Stunt to take part.
May 13 - Two more contest announcements.
May 10 - E/Ch 2001 Bulletin 2 came by mail by May 1st, but is still not posted on the web. Meanwhile, read this summary that Per Ehnwall made for the Swedish team.
May 9 - A new announcement about my Propeller Gauge
May 4 - Link to Loet Wakkerman's Bitterfeld Report
May 4 - Link to Bitterfeld Results
May 3 - For those of you who couldn't spot the aforementioned safety upgrade, here's a spoiler: Have a look at the header picture!
I NOW wear a helmet that will withstand the impact of a flying team racer bit map
April 28 - An important SAFETY UPGRADE to my Main Page
April 26 - An error prevented access to my e-mail list. Now corrected.
April 22 - In parallel with the European Champs, there will also be a PROMOTIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS FOR YOUTHS IN AEROBATICS AND COMBAT.
April 12 - Nothing to to for Easter? Well, then follow Loet Wakkerman's advice and build a few Combat Models!
April 8 - Visitor 100,000 Contest Results
April 4 - The new F2C safety rule, effective immediately, is "The mechanic is not allowed to step inside or lie down in the flight circle, or reach his arm inside more than 0.5 metre. " (My quote is maybe inexact.)
You must see this comment by Claus Maikis!
March 29 - Contest: Who will become visitor 100,000?
March 23 - More Speed Timer stuff: I issued this e-mail announcement today, asking for firm commitments from those who want a timer system from the pilot run I am making.
March 23 - I should also mention that the Flight Record Log from the timing tests in Landres is available for download. (Plain text format.)
March 22 - Long overdue, here is my report on my Speed Timer and its use at the World Champs in Landres. There are two PDF files, "Transitrace, A New Approach to the Timing of Control Line Models", the full report, and "Evaluation done at the World Championships 2000, Landres, France", a comparison between the official and electronic results. These documents will be handed over to the participants in the C/L Technical Meeting at the CIAM Plenary Meeting TODAY.
February 26 - E/Ch Bulletin 1 now posted on the European Champs Web Site.
February 7 - European Champs Web Site opened
January 23 - FAI:s List of Approved Judges 2001 now available (as a PDF file)
January 23 - Latest News about the schedule for the European Championships and the affected World Cup contests. (Outdates the information below)
January 10 - News about the European Championships 2001 now at the bottom of my What Shall We Do 2001 page.
Note that the dates clash with the World Cup contests in Landres and Pepinster!
January 2 - For those who choke (or their browsers do) on my Main Page embedded MIDI Christmas Hymn, I now have a CLASSIC version.
A few contest announcement links added. In the future I shall not announce on this page the link additions on my Main Page to contests that are already in the calendars.


December 29 - 2000 World Cup Report and Complete Results (Excel file).
December 28 - What Shall We Do 2001 page updated.
December 22 - World Air Games 2001 now seems to be stone dead. I have started a What Shall We Do 2001 page which will be updated as things proceed. Starts off with some excerpts from the Subcommittee discussions.
December 15 - My Main Page christmasified.
December 14 - Important update on the World Air Games from Doc Jackson.
December 8 - Brief update on the CIAM Bureau meeting from Doc Jackson. With WAG news
December 2 - World Air Games Bulletin 1 (pending approval) now available fromThe WAG site, as a Word file. For out-of-this-Word people, My Plain Text Version
November 30 - Link to Jean-Paul Perret's Club web site: Cercle Modéliste Blénod Lorraine, with World Champs 2000 pictures and the Team Spirit department, starting off with a fantastic account of Team Racer wing building.
November 27 - 2001 Preliminary Contest Information
November 27 - Link to South African Nats Poster, Pretoria, April 13-16, 2001.
November 22 - Danish F2C Rule Proposal
November 22 - Included a few links to the CLRACING Web Site: Piloting in Modern F2C Events by Rob Fitzgerald, and Flying Tactics, Flying Rules and Race Performance by Marlon Gofast, 1977.
November 9 - Changed the link to The 'clracing' Web Site. Will now work from all places.
November 7 - Linked to Ukrainian W/Ch '00 Page with pictures
November 2 - Mejzlik Modellbau visited by Lennart Nord
October 23 - The 'clracing' eGroup now got it's own web site, organized by Pete Soule. The material formerly available only through passworded access at the website will now be easier to obtain. (Still in the making, not ready yet.)
October 17 - World Air Games 2001 preliminary calendar linked on my main page.
Spanish Champs F2C results on my C/L News Page
October 16 - First C/L News page update in a loong time: Aldo Zana writes about Pennisi/Rossi's last(?) competition.
October 15 - Loet Wakkerman told me that his site now has the Final Chapters on his crankcase moulds in place.
September 25 - Link to Carbon Fiber information
September 20 - My new Not-A-Pitch Gauge
September 18 - Link to About Castor Oil by Bert Striegler, on George Aldrich's site.
September 5 - Andy Whorton reports on The World Champs from the British Team Manager's viewpoint
September 5 - Andy Whorton reports on F2C at the British Nats
September 5 - Andy Sweetland reports on the C/L Scale (F4B) World Championships. Pictures included
August 30 - Link to British Nats Aerobatics Results at Dave Day's web site.
August 29 - Link to C/L World Cup Current Standing on CIAM's web site
August 27 - Link to Loet Wakkerman's World Champs F2D Report
August 22 - Bruno Delor's analysis of the F2B judging at the World Champs is now ready. You can download it as a ZIP compressed file containing one Word and two Excel files. (I won't make a HTML version.)
August 20 - Graham Swallow of South Africa sent me his Report from the World Champs.
August 14 - Link to Singapore Team W/Ch Page with lots of pictures
August 13 - Eurocup 2000 Results Landres/Piennes, July 8-9.
August 13 - Link to Lugo Contest F2A-B-C, World Cup Invitation Lugo di Romagna, Italy, September 2-3.
August 10 - Two reports from the W/Ch by Derek Heaton: Future of F2C Seminar and Investigation of Dangerous F2C Incident
August 10 - Has nothing to do with C/L, but here is a cool moving gif of the two last Cluster Satellites Tango and Rumba, separating, taken yesterday. (The two first of the quartet, Salsa and Samba, went up on 16th July.)
July 31 - W/Ch Comments by F2C judge Luis Petersen
July 30 - W/Ch results now also as Excel files. Also F2C heat comments by the F2C Judges as an Excel file. Refer to my W/Ch '00 page
July 28 - W/Ch results correction: F2D: Junior and National Team Results revised.
July 23 - W/Ch results correction: F2D: Winner's points.

July 22 - World Championships Results:
F2A | F2B | F2C | F2D

July 9 - I'm on my way to the W/Ch in Landres, France. My primary task is as Team Manager for the Swedish team. Secondly, I'll work to get my F2A Timing System operational. This doesn't leave much time for any updating of this page with on-site reports, even if I could get hooked up to my server. Anyway, I have prepared links for pages in case I get anything uploaded in my W/Ch Reports Page. I will not announce any updates here.
July 7 - My F2A Timer now has a name.
July 6 - Reply by Andy Sweetland and Peter Germann to Henk de Jong's letter
June 28 - The Swedish Team for the World Championships .
June 19 - I have now identifed the "Long Cable Problem" of my F2A timer.
June 16 - Link to Sächsische Schweiz Cup 2000 Results, Sebnitz, Germany, May 27-28.
June 16 - Josef Gabris Memorial Results, F2B, 11 June, Slovakia. From Juraj Madar.
June 15 - Your webmaster's latest toy: An Opto-Electronic Sensor for timing C/L models - for use in the upcoming W/Ch maybe.
June 13 - Link to Limfjords Competition Results Ålborg, Denmark, June 10-11.
May 30 - Link to Results from the Grand Prix of Luxembourg in Landres, 20 - 21 May
May 25 - Henk de Jong asked me to post his opinion on some aspects of the F2B judging guide.
May 25 - Loet Wakkerman finally realized his picture competition from February was too difficult even with the clues added, and now he asked me to give the LINK away.
May 18 - Link to Minutes, CIAM March 2000 Plenary Meeting download page. .doc and .rtf formats available.
May 15 - Link to Bitterfeld results.
May 15 - World Championships 2000 Bulletin 1. This is quite a brief document, accompanied by some forms and documents. A revised Schedule. Sporting Code amendments relative to the 1997 issue, which will be valid at the World Champs.
April 26 - Invitation to Champions' Cup, F2D World Cup, Kyiv, Ukraine, May 26-28.
April 21 - New Look to my C/L Main Page. A nostalgia trip to the Old Version.
April 14 - Invitation to City of Ciriè World Cup near Torino, Italy, June 17-18
April 14 - Link to Invitation to Limfjords Competition & Open Nordic Champs, Aalborg, Denmark. June 10-11.
April 14 - Link to Invitation to Bitterfeld Contest (F2C World Cup, F2ABD, F4B, F2B Beginner), 29th April to 1st May.
April 10 - Results from the Vintage Stunt Champs #12, from Mike Keville.
April 7 - The complete F2B Judging Instructions Document, with link to original at FAI:s web site.
April 2 - The Changes to the F2B Judges' Guide taken at the CIAM Plenary Meeting are described in this summary by Andy Sweetland. The full version posted on my site will soon be updated.
March 29 - The new F2A World Cup Trophy instituted by the Swedish Model Flying Federation. It was handed over to the German federation at the recent CIAM Meeting, as the winner for 1999 is Norbert Schmitz. Another picture.
March 28 - CIAM Plenary Meeting Preliminary Report. COMMENTS by S/C Chairman included 19.45 EDT
The CIAM Page has pictures from the meeting.
March 23 - Pete Soule uncovers all about yours truly at large in the LA LA Land. Check the GO-West link on his web site! (No links elsewhere yet.)
March 11 - World Champs 2000 List of Preliminary Entries from Jean-Paul Perret.
March 10 - I'll be away from 12th to 26th March. First week in Los Angeles with Pete Soule, Bill Lee and a few more of the gang of C/L people over there. The next week business in Netherlands. I hope to be able to check my email almost daily.
March 7 - The W/Ch 2000 web site now has some information in English, largely the same as Bulletin 0, but there might be other things too. You have to look under the menu in French.
February 29 - Just a reminder: Preliminary Entry Form for the World Champs is due 1st March. (No web site update.)
February 23 - Alexander Kalmykov reports about this year's Russian Winter F2D Champs on My C/L News Page.
February 21 - Mario Ferrero read and followed Bill Lee's article "Making A Propeller Mold", and made this excellent article with pictures: 'Propeller Molds "the making of"' February 16 - The Agenda for the CIAM Plenary Meeting is now available as zipped Word or RTF files, downloadable from this CIAM page. I'll make an excerpt of the C/L items as soon as I can.
February 15 - My host system will be down on 19th and 20th February for an upgrade. You will not be able to reach my web site. E-mail to me will not disappear, but will be delayed until the 21st.
February 11 - Vintage Stunt Champs Added Information from Mike Keville
February 9 - Bill Lee and John McCollum had pictures taken of their T/R model in flight for a Line Rake Test.
February 8 - Loet Wakkerman has resorted to new methods of winding up his opponents. (Did his new crankcases come out twisted or what??)
Goes with a puzzle for you to resolve in order to enter. Some hints are there to make it easier. Found on John Schoen's site, which Loet invaded, with kind permission of the owner.
(No other links to this on my site.)
January 12 - I'll be moving to a new home on 21st January. See my New House Page!
January 12 - Link to New Zealand Nats results on my C/L News Page
My C/L Main Page says this has been going on for five years. (At least.)
January 5 - Richard Ong's pictures from the E/Ch '99
January 2 - Loet Wakkerman finally caved in to the Swedish pressure, and finished the long announced and awaited E/Ch '99 Combat Report.
January 1 - Some helpful Y2K hints. :-)
Don't miss the Seasons Greetings on my Main Page!


December 22 - Link to the amazing new C-15PC4 Cyclon F2D engine. Sasha Kalmykov never rests!
December 18 - Posted the List of Approved Judges 1999-2000
December 16 - Link to invitation to 12th Vintage Stunt Championships, Tucson, Arizona, USA. March 23-26
December 15 - Invitation to Jozef Gabris Memorial, Bratislava, Slovakia, June 9-11
December 13 - Another rule proposal submitted to CIAM: F2C line spec change from Switzerland
December 11 - Fashionable F2C [Would you trust this builder as a F2C Judge? :-) ]
December 8 - A few rule proposals submitted to CIAM: F2C from Denmark | F2D from C/L Subcommittee.
These are not the full set of proposals. The official proposals will appear in the Plenary meeting Agenda issued in late January. My comments on the above will follow soon.
December 8 - Link to FAI 2000 C/L Sporting Calendar
December 7 - World Championships 2000 Bulletin 0
December 7 - 1999 C/L World Cup Results - as PDF files (fetch your looking-glass, print is fine):
Overall Report | F2A Results | F2B Results | F2C Results | F2D Results | Judges Report
All prepared by Bruno Delor
December 2 - Where the h**ck is Landres (or Piennes) (the W/Ch 2000 site)?? Answer.
December 1 - Y2K Statement: My server ( will NOT be purposely shut down from Dec 31 1999 to January 1, 2000. E-mail and web access will work as normal, provided the necessary switches and routers on the way to you stay operational.
November 30 - CIAM C/L Subcommittee proposal: New F2B Judging Instructions Updated Dec 1: The contributors named. November 28 - Preliminary 2000 FAI C/L Contest Calendar - subject to approval by the CIAM Bureau: As a PDF file | As a plain text file if you haven't Acrobat Reader
(The Word file from FAI had too much weird formatting for a simple conversion to HTML.)
Thanks to Jean-Paul Perret for forwarding the file.
November 28 - Linked to Andy Whorton's writeup on the British F2C teams.
November 28 - Linked to BFMA's British Nats Results Pages, with complete racing and speed results.
November 15 - My C/L News page updated with Josef Gabris Memorial 1999 Results
November 5 - Started a Unit Conversions Page. (Still not 100% proofread.)
November 5 - Linked to Metal Alloy Composition and Properties. Very useful!
November 3 - The Web Site of Mejzlik Modellbau now seems to be up and running.
November 3 - Better late than never, again, Jim Dunkin also made a report on the F2D engines at the World Champs '98.
November 2 - An oddity: Link to Estonian Champs '99 Results November 2 - In my C/L News page, a link to Phil Cartier's report on Combat at the US Nats '99 and the F2D US Team Trials.
November 1 - Better late than never, the report by Jim Dunkin is now finally in place: F2C Engines at the '98 World Champs.
November 1 - Started on next year's International Contest Calendar. Send me the contest dates as soon as you know them!
November 1 - My C/L News Page updated with California speed contest report from Joe Brownlee.
October 26 - Swiss Contest Calendar 2000.
October 26 - The C/L Subcommittee has issued a Call for World Cup Event Bidders for next year.
October 14 - Posted some pictures of T/R in Sebnitz, June '99. A style study of pitman Semyon Lerner.
October 11 - Added a note to my E/Ch '99 F2C Report
October 6 - At last: my E/Ch '99 F2C Report
October 5 - Linked to Brian Fairey's T/R Engines, and Taffy Bollen's Use of one of Brian's cases.
September 30 - Web server up again 12:15.
September 27 - Web server will be down Thursday Sep 30, 07:00-13:00 Central European Time, due to a planned power cutoff. This also affects e-mail to me.
September 24 - Promise kept: Andy Whorton's Lux GP F2C Report now posted
September 23 - Pete Soule now has a great looking USA F2A Team Selection Report with pictures.
September 22 - USA F2A Team Selection Results from Pete Soule
September 21 - C/L eGroups - Mailing Lists for all C/L Categories
Announcement | Join Menus
September 21 - Results from Grand Prix of Luxembourg, F2A, F2B, F2C, held in Landres, France, September 18-19, 1999, by Jean-Paul Perret.
Andy Whorton also has the F2C Results posted, and promise of a report.
Eleven sub-3:20 times in F2C and 3:22.5 not enough for semi!!
September 17 - Results from Rouillé, France, F2A, F2B, F2C. September 11-12, 1999, by Jean-Paul Perret
September 15 - Link to Andy Whorton's British Nats F2C Report
September 11 - Link to British Nats Stunt Results by Dave Day.
September 10 - Bob Baron's fight is over.
September 7 - Sad news about US Stunt Flier Bob Baron
September 3 - Loet Wakkerman has filled his Assortment of Combat contest reports, and offers an E/Ch report soon.
August 31 - Mike Nelson is moving fast: Already he has Pictures from Stunt and Racing at the British Nats on his web site.
August 19 - Another Andy Whorton report at lightning speed; Now the Pepinster F2C Report and Results are available on his site.
August 17 - E/Ch F2C Judges' Notes overhauled.
August 17 - Found that Andy Whorton included F2A Report and Results from Piennes, by Dick McGladdery.
August 11 - Link to Piennes F2C Report and Results by Andy Whorton.
August 9 - Loet Wakkerman gives Amerongen Dutch Combat International Report and Results. July 30 - Aug 1.
August 6 - Pete Soule's words in memory of Keith Storey
August 4 - Team Racing Pioneer Dies July '99
July 26 - Number of accesses to the E/Ch Results Page in the first week since posted: 463
July 26 - The heat notes to the Eurochamps '99 F2C Judges' Report have been converted to web pages.
July 23 - Link to Suebia Cup Results, Klein Sachsenheim, Germany, 26.-27. June
July 23 - Invitation to The 22th MBZB F2B World Cup, Untersiggenthal, 21. and 22. August 1999.
July 22 - Eurochamps '99 Excel result files are now available.
July 21 - Eurochamps '99 F2C Report from F2C Judges Panel Chairman Luis Petersen, accompanied by Excel file with heat notes.
July 19 - Eurochamps '99 Final Results as handed over to me by the organizers on a floppy at the banquet.
July 16 - Eurochamps '99 First intermediate results
July 15 - On site in Valladolid at the Eurochamps - Hope to be able to send you intermediate and final results soon. Only announcement will be here - no time for main page work.
July 9 - The new Goodyear kit from Tomas Mejzlik
July 9 - I'll be away to the European Champs in Valladolid July 11 to July 18. I'll enter as F2C pitman with Jan Gustafsson as pilot, running his equipment.
June 30 - Link to Sächsische Schweiz Cup Results, World Cup, Sebnitz, Germany
June 21 - Link to European Championships Bulletin #3
June 18 - CIAM ratifies the F2C World Record claims from Kiev. Report in my C/L News page.
June 15 - J.KRASNORUTSKY Cup (4-7/06/1999 MOSCOW) Results now in my C/L News page, submitted by Jean-Paul Perret.
June 8 - Link to Genk Eurocup '99 Results, F2B World Cup, Genk, Belgium. June 5-6. Provided by Holger Suchi.
June 1 - St. Petersburg Combat Cup results now in my C/L News page, submitted by Alexander Kalmykov.
May 29 - Jura Cup Results complemented by Andy Sweetland's Report
May 28 - Jura Cup Results, F2A & F2C, Breitenbach (Büsserach), Switzerland, May 14-15
May 27 - Link to Cyclon 15D TRS Engine Presentation, by Per Ehnwall. Compound brass/aluminum cylinder!
May 25 - Link to Limfjords Competition Results, World Cup, Aalborg, Denmark. May 22-23.
Pictures from the F2C Final.
May 18 - Link to CIAM 1999 Plenary Meeting Minutes.
May 12 - Link to Loet Wakkerman's report on combat in Bitterfeld
May 12 - Link to City of Ciriè F2B World Cup Results, 24-25 April 1999
May 11 - PDF file with a British Nats Poster, announcing that it's also a Combat World Cup competition. In Grantham, England, Aug 28-30
May 11 - Invitation to Jozef Gabris Memorial, F2B World Cup, Bratislava, Slovakia. June 11-13.
May 10 - Brontobatics
May 9 - The European Championships organizers' web site is now in operation again: Bulletin #2
May 6 - Link to Results from VII. IKR - Cup Bitterfeld, Germany. 1.-2.May 1999
May 6 - Link to The World Champs 2000 Web Site, which has just been launched. Still in preparation, only in French. Location is Landres, France. Time 12-19 July.
May 5 - Found this link about Ferrocene (Hype warning! This guy is into marketing! ) (Ferrocene is my T/R fuel development.)
May 1 - European Championships Bulletin #2
April 21 - Invitation to Genk Eurocup '99, World Cup, Genk, Belgium. June 5-6
April 15 - Link to Sächsische Schweiz Cup, World Cup, Sebnitz, Germany. June 11-13
April 5 - Vintage Stunt Champs 11 Results, Tucson, Arizona, USA.
April 1 - Link to Pictures from the Vintage Stunt Champs (Page disappeared, but is now back again!)
March 30 - Link to the opinions of Paul McPeake on Goodyear and racing in general, from the Novocastrians' web site.
March 29 - Virus Alert: HAPPY99 WORM VIRUS !
Of concern for people with PC systems with Windows 95/98. Some people in my e-mail list are known to be affected.
March 18 - Goodyear Competition in Torino, Italy, this weekend.
March 18 - My C/L News page updated with a report from the South American Champs in Rafaela, Argentine.
March 16 - Swiss invitation to Entry Level T/R competition in Breitenbach, May 14-16, with discussions about the rules for such an event.
March 11 - Link to the complete minutes of the CIAM Bureau Meeting November 1998.
March 9 - British Contest Calendar '99 with notice about the new racing class "F2C Nationale"
March 8 - Vintage Stunt Championships 99 Presentation, Tucson, Arizona, USA, March 18 - 21
March 4 - European Championships Bulletin #1
March 4 - My Cosmic Wind Goodyear model lacks a plan, but I have scanned GIF images of a sketch of the prototype: Part 1 | Part 2
March 2 - Note that the Bolly web site has expanded and now has an Online Handbook with lots of valuable information. Great work!
February 26 - '98 World Champs Report from the FAI Jury
February 23 - Kerkko Kehrävuo's W/Ch Stunt pictures
February 23 - Link to presentation of the Limfjords Competition, Aalborg, Denmark
February 18 - Link to Dutch Combat International. World Cup, Amerongen, Netherlands. Jul 30 - Aug 1. By mistake this contest was omitted in CIAM:s World Cup list.
February 4 - CIAM 1999 Plenary Meeting Agenda, C/L Excerpts
February 2 - FAI announces the 1999 C/L Sporting Calendar
January 24 - Lots of news:
- 1999 C/L World Cup Calendar
- World Cup of Ciriè 1999 Presentation
- Link to presentation of 2nd. International Control Line Open Championships, Rafaela, Argentina
- Notes from the November CIAM Bureau Meeting with important information about the W/Ch 2000 and World Air Games 2001.
- World Cup 1998 Results as zipped Excel files
- My Team Racer and Goodyear plans now available as Acrobat (PDF) files, allowing most people to make multisheet printouts.
- Loet Wakkerman now has a copy of the FMV Story from the late '70:s on his web site. Interesting information about the '78 World Champion F2C engine.


December 16 - Link to World Champs F2B Report from Bruce Perry, Canada
November 24 - My whereabouts the next couple of weeks
November 23 - First preliminary 1999 International Contest Calendar (by Peter Germann) (Help me fill in if you know the date of an important contest!)
November 17 - Swedish C/L Rule Proposals submitted to CIAM: F2C |F2D
November 9 - Today's issue of The Circulator discusses C/L Scale at the F2 World/Euro Champs
November 3 - Some statistics for this web site for the month of October.
CIAM proposals reminder on my Main Page.
November 2 - Link to Per Ehnwall's Cyclon Page, reorganized and updated with the new C-60 F2B engine
Also links to Fox and K&B on my links page.
October 29 - My C/L E-mail List reorganized.
October 12 - Igor Burger has a Picture Page from the 1998 W/Ch.
October 11 - Masaru Hiki has updated his World Champs Information Page with pictures and links.
October 11 - Lubrizol-52, a useful fuel additive for reducing carbon deposits is now sold by 3F Hobby Service Oxelögatan 20 A, S-613 00 OXELÖSUND, SWEDEN. Tel: +46-155-32847.
SEK 50 (US$6.35) for .25 liter of concentrate (plus shipping). Usage is .1% to .3%, so .25 liter is a lifetime supply.
October 10 - Link to A Science Project Using Aeromodels
Pete Soule presents aerodynamic drag and other problems in Control Line as a high school student project. Includes the Original Article on line drag from MIT 1950.
October 8 - Loet Wakkerman's page got a Report about Combat Being Disturbed by a War. (Isn't that impossible?? Well, not at a new event in Senftenberg, Germany.) He also has Engines for Sale to Collectors. His Report from International Swiss Combat held in Tautenhain is also there. This I missed presenting here before.
October 8 - My World Wide C/L News updated with:
Results from Spreepokal 1998, held in Sebnitz, Germany, from Bengt-Olof Samuelsson
Australian Nationals 1998 from Keith Baddock.
Grand Prix of Luxemburg from Jean-Paul Perret
October 5 - My views on Goodyear rules.
September 16 - W/Ch '98 Final Results updated after the Official Final Results document arrived.
September 16 - F2C Engine Overview by Jim Dunkin and Malcolm Ross
September 11 - Link to Kaz Minato's Pictures from the W/Ch.
September 10 - Link to Andy Whorton's World Champs Report.
September 10 - Graham Swallow's second report on F2B at the World Champs.
September 8 - Link to September Newsletter of the "North Circle Burners" club of South Africa. (Serves as an adjunct to Graham Swallow's report below.)
September 7 - Graham Swallow's report on F2B at the World Champs.
September 3 - First personal account of the World Champs: Bill Lee on F2C
September 2 - Two F2C World Record Claims filed at the FAI.
September 1 - W/Ch Complete Results
August 31 - W/Ch in Kiev: Final Results are here!! 31st Aug 12:30 CET. Unfortunately, I'm away in Denmark at the moment and haven't the time or tools for converting the MS Word files to text or HTML. Therefore I can only give you the original files for downloading. I'll convert them as soon as I have the means.
F2A (text file) | F2B (Word file) | F2C (Word file) | F2D (Word file)
A big thanks to Mikhail Zakharov and his crew!
August 29 - W/Ch in Kiev: First final results report, F2B, arrived 29th, 11 pm CET from Masaru Hiki.
August 29 - Final update on US team trouble.
August 29 - A Followup to the previous note.
August 28 - A short note from Kiev
August 27 - First Intermediate Results from the World Champs are here!!
F2A | F2B | F2C | F2D
August 25 - Link to NCLRA Racing Rules. Prepared by Pete Soule.
August 23 - 1998 World Champs: At the moment the Champs are going on in Kiev. There is a slight chance that the organizers will send me intermediate results by e-mail. I'll post anything that materializes with links from my Main Page as soon as possible.
August 23 - Results from the Swedish Nats. (in Swedish)
August 12 - 1998 World Champs BULLETIN No. 4, dated 9th August.
August 4 - Just a correction to the former note:
July 29 - Animated GIFs could be a nuisance. (You will find none in my site.) But The Animated GIF To End All Animated GIFs can be found on the Home Page of Gustavo Campanha from Brazil. He is the originator of this GIF.
July 29 - My C/L News page has a discussion about the F2D silencer rule.
July 23 - The W/Ch Bulletin No. 3 has received a touch-up by Bill Lee.
July 19 - My World Wide C/L News page updated with top five F2B results from US Nats, by Shareen Fancher.
July 16 - Link to the Brazilian 1998 World Champs Team Presentation.
July 13 - 1998 World Champs BULLETIN No. 3, dated 10th July.
July 1 - My C/L Main Page presents the Gusev lightweight FI Diesel for Diesel Combat or Goodyear, two pictures: Pic 1 | Pic 2. June 30 - Check Andy Whorton's page for updates on several major F2C events!
June 30 - The Lost and Found Mystery Pictures from the World Champs 1996. Mystery solved: They belong to Carlos Granja, Brazil
June 30 - The Open Nordic C/L Champs Results (Sw)   Yipee!! Me Nordic F2C Champ !!!
June 25 - The Open Nordic Champs List of Entries (Sw)
June 25 - My World Wide C/L News page updated with a correction to the W/Ch 2000 dates.
June 19 - My World Wide C/L News page updated with F2B results from Radfeld, Austria, by Peter Germann.
June 19 - Link to Sächsische-Schweiz-Cup 1998 Results. June 19 - Link to Masaru Hiku's report with pictures from EuroCup 98 in Belgium.
June 9 - Link to Limfjords Competition Results.
June 9 - Link to The Mk.2 Cyclon F2D engine Description with Pictures.
June 4 - My World Wide CL News page updated with notes on upcoming champs.
June 4 - Goodyear department got pics of Tim Stone's new models as well as a link to Per Ehnwalls G/Y page.
June 4 - Link to British Vintage Combat
June 4 - Link to NCS, Navy Carrier Association (USA)
May 29 - The Open Nordic Champs Invitation | Swedish version
May 27 - My C/L News Page got a report from Salzburg, Austria by Peter Germann.
May 27 - The SMFF C/L site now has a List of Goodyear Designs and Plans. In Swedish, but you can understand at least the tables and addresses.
May 26 - Link to F2B at the Aussie Nats by Richard Spurling.
May 22 - Link to South African C/L Champs Report by John Forbes
May 19 - Link to Cyclon's new version of their F2D engine, with a shorter con rod, with lower weight and more power. Pictures will be coming.
May 18 - Lo and behold - yet another update to my World Wide CL News page: Report from France, a "Phantom Speed" postal contest announcement, and Aussie Nats. Team racing enthusiasts may drool at two awesome heat times.
May 11 - Added information about Sächsische-Schweiz-Cup 1998, Sebnitz 13. - 14. June. April 30 - Information about EUROCUP F2B 1998, Genk, Belgium, 6-7 June
April 30 - Link to reports from the 1998 US F2D Open in Dallas, Texas, compiled by Bill Lee.
April 30 - Link to a report from the F2B contest "1st City of Ciriè World Cup" in Torino, Italy.
April 30 - Link to the Aviator club homepage (of Aalborg, Denmark), with invitation to the Limfjords Competition and pictures from last year. (Look who's getting all the attention of the photographer!) Prepared by Carsten Jørgensen.
April 26 - Report from the CIAM 1998 Plenary Meeting: C/L Issues
April 21 - Added to Mike Keville's Vintage Stunt Champs report his note about next year's event.
April 20 - Link to Pete Soule's New Site. About to open and already has more about B T/R. Also promises of lots of other interesting stuff, presently in the making.
April 20 - Link to SLIS' Buy/Sell Page (in Swedish)
April 15 - Latest News of City of Ciriè World Cup, Italy
April 15 - Changed link to Control Line Aeromodellers of Sebnitz, Germany
April 14 - Peter Germann announces AKRO '98 World Cup F2 1998, Näfels, Switzerland, 4th and 5th July, 1998
April 13 - Per Ehnwall presents Cyclon's new 1 cc F1J engine. Designed for F/F but maybe useful for a 1 cc speed C/L model too.